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Play.tm (Oct 04, 2007)
Once you have pushed through the steep learning curve of the Rupee bartering, and established your love and understanding of this fabled currency, then there is a classic game waiting for you here. This is a game that somehow combines the detailed adventures of yesteryear with the post-modern meanderings of WarioWare. The combination is one that should be a complete mess, but for some strange reason works really rather well.
Consoles Plus (Oct, 2007)
Un ensemble cohérent, parfaitement jouable au stylet, en un mot : irrésistible !
V2.fi (Oct 08, 2007)
Kaiken kaikkiaan kyseessä on virkistävän perinteinen seikkailupeli, josta riittää persoonallista pelattavaa useammaksikin illaksi. Hauskoista oivalluksista huolimatta hurttia huumoria olisi kuitenkin lähtökohtien puolesta odottanut olevan tarjolla enemmänkin, ja pidemmän päälle tylsähkö taistelusysteemi ja yksitoikkoiset luolastot tahtovat käydä kyllästyttämään. Tornin kasvattamiseen tarvittavien rahakasojen kasvaessa myös talousasioiden kanssa taistelu alkaa tuntua työltä, mutta kyllä tähän lopulta huomattavasti mieluummin aikaansa uhraa kuin mihin tahansa keskivertoon lisenssiviritelmään. Metsään ei siis ole menty, mutta pienellä viilauksella pelistä olisi kyllä saanut huomattavasti mielenkiintoisemmankin. Tällaisenaan siitä todennäköisesti saavat eniten huvia Zelda-fanit ja muut perinteisten konsoliseikkailujen ystävät.
Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland är ett virrvarr av korrumperade sagoväsen och fjolliga féer som trivs bäst i garderoben. Helt oemotståndligt med andra ord.
Tingle is een even vreemd als vermakelijk spel (ook door de grafische stijl) dat door de trouwe Nintendo fan, maar ook door de Koning Midassen, Dagobert Ducks en Scrooges van deze wereld zeker op waarde geschat zal worden...
Retroage (Dec 30, 2011)
Jako fan „The Legend of Zelda” polecam zagranie w „Freshly-Picked Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland”. Gra daje nam nie tylko inne spojrzenie na postać Tingla ale również na całą serię przygód dzielnego Linka i Zeldy. Gra ukazała się tylko w Japonii i Europie (choć tu wydaje mi się że w dość ograniczonym nakładzie) i w tym przypadku uważam ze Hamburgery mają nam czego zazdrościć. Polecam bardzo..
Joypad (Nov, 2006)
Ceux qui sont près de leurs sous vont se cogner la tête contre les murs tellement les occasions de se faire flouer sont nombreuses. En même temps, c'est ce qui fait toute la singularité et le charme du jeu : il est le seul à mettre au jour l'avare qui est en nous. En prime, il est de bonne facture, ce qui ne gâche rien.
Nintendo Life (Jan 12, 2010)
Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland is a bit of a weird one. Most of it is definitely fun, but some aspects tend to get very repetitive and/or annoying, which might lower your enjoyment of the game the longer it goes on. Still, it's definitely worth playing through the game in its entirety, and we have nothing but praise for Nintendo of Europe for having the courage to localise the game - we need more unusual stuff like this in the West. Now let's hope they localise the sequel as well!
IGN UK (Sep 19, 2007)
Tingle is a very strange game then, and not just because of the far-out plot and bizarre cast of characters. There’s no deny it can be irritating, depressing and positively unfair at times but equally it has an undeniable charm that helps overlook some its inherent flaws. Exploring familiar-yet-skewed Zelda locations and the superbly imaginative bosses are certainly a highlight, and concocting recipes is fun too. Plus there’s Tingle himself, who is such a relentlessly cheerful idiot you can’t help but want to see the adventure through to its climax. The problem is that to do so you have to suffer enormous frustration and if that’s enough to turn you off then give Tingle a miss. However, if you’re willing to persevere you’ll discover one of the DS’s most curious and quirky titles to date.
NintendoWorldReport (Oct 27, 2007)
Aside from the variation in tasks, though, the game really is quite simple and extremely linear. Dungeons are simple mazes, and your other quests are mainly a matter of walking around. You are told what needs to be done and where you need to go. The strangeness of the surroundings wears off after a while and is no longer surprising. It's essentially an entire game of side quests, with rupee generation as the main game and the most frequent time sink.
A unique spin on the Zelda franchise, but the gameplay at points is very redundant and tedious. Rupee management can be a headache, and the lack of save points can really hurt. On the other hand, the game looks really nice and the soundtrack is excellent. Some aspects of the gameplay are really enjoyable, and some of the storyline elements are refreshing, though a bit oddball. Since it is an import from Europe, though, the price tag may be too steep for some, but if the game sees a North American release, it is a definite must-try.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Sep 27, 2007)
With the negotiation guide to hand, it doesn't spoil any of the good bits of the game, like the exploration, or the fun of meeting new characters and performing each task, so it's a no-lose as far as I'm concerned. It's just a shame that Nintendo didn't see it as a potential game breaker in the first place, as most people will probably write the game off before really giving it a chance. As it stands, I enjoyed Freshly Picked more than any number of so-called 'must-have' DS titles, mainly because, as the name implies, it has a quirky originality and an offbeat humour that marks it out as something very different. It's also hilariously flawed for a number of reasons - perfect for its future cult classic status, then.
Jeuxvideo.com (Sep 25, 2007)
S'adressant à ceux qui n'ont cessé d'espérer voir ce titre sortir un jour dans notre pays, Tingle's Rosy RupeeLand est une curiosité qu'il convient d'essayer au moins une fois pour son concept original bien que totalement immoral. On y découvre un univers où tout le monde peut être acheté moyennant quelques rubis et où la cupidité est le seul moteur de l'aventure. Dommage qu'en terme de gameplay le titre souffre d'autant de lourdeurs qui risquent de donner envie à la plupart des joueurs de baisser les bras avant d'en voir la fin.
Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland's simplistic, repetitive gameplay and annoying negotiation system get in the way of what is otherwise a classy piece of Tingle fan service.
Games TM (Oct, 2006)
Sadly, this is unlikely to see a European release, and so it's hard to recommend Tingle to anyone who can't read Japanese. Those who don't could have some fun with it, but eventually the language barrier will cause problems. Also, despite all its eccentricities - such as the builder who likes nothing more than to thrust in Tingle's direction - it's essentially a standard RPG. Still, it's so bizarre at times that you'll warm to it anyway.
Cubed3 (Sep 29, 2007)
We appreciate that Nintendo were trying something new with Freshly Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland, and to a degree they have succeeded. They have created a game that sums up perfectly what Tingle is all about - money, money, money - in a way that others might not dare, and while it's not always as enjoyable as it should be, it does have its bright moments and it's worth playing, even if only for a little while. We're just glad that shops in reality don't work the way they do in the game...
Pocket Gamer UK (Oct 05, 2007)
And perhaps that's how best to approach this game. Enjoy what it gets right – the confident visuals, the familiar pleasure of finding and keeping, and the offbeat humour – and grin and bear the attempts at innovation that don't quite work. Nevertheless, even as your tower grows taller, it's hard to maintain the excitement, especially considering the proximity of The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.
Thunderbolt Games (Oct 17, 2007)
Freshly-picked is an apt title for Tingle’s inaugural offering; this game is truly a breath of fresh air amongst all the generic types we see today. It sets itself apart by blending together a wickedly absurd sense of humour, Zelda-style dungeon crawls, a brawling system that fits the queerness of the hero perfectly (mad dust cloud tapping included), and an interesting money-dependent trade and exchange system. It’s too bad that the game tries to screw you into poverty at nearly every turn: when seeking out where to turn to next, when trying to obtain a response from the various NPCs that is somewhat meaningful, or to just fix a damn bridge up so that you can backtrack an island without having to fly back home every single time. You’ve got a fairly refreshing adventure here, so long as you can push through the incessant depravity. Tingle is one determined and flamboyant, nonchalant fellow, but are you?
TotalVideoGames (TVG) (Sep 14, 2007)
Despite the vitriolic bashing that I've given poor old Tingle, there are elements that make me wish I could appreciate the game. Evident from the bright and shiny box-art, it's no surprise to find Rosy Rupeeland chocked full of homo-erotic touches that capture Tingle perfectly. Nowhere is this more evident than the manly thrusts the Village People look-a-like bridge-builder insists on performing whenever... yes you've guessed it, paid him enough to finish building the bridges that link the islands. It all adds up to create a game befitting the 35-year old man we know as Tingle, it's just a shame you'll probably never want to see his rosy face again.
Bordersdown (Feb, 2008)
Despite this problem with the bartering system Freshly Picked is an entertaining, journey in to the twisted and shallow world of Tingle. Of course if you disliked Tingle even slightly in any of the Zelda games then this won’t be for you. If you’re one of the few Tingle zealots the game will be a dream come true.
Joypad (Sep, 2007)
Un jeu trop décalé pour plaire aux plus jeunes et pas assez profond pour satisfaire les vieux routards.
videogamer.com (Sep 27, 2007)
Forgetting the Zelda license, Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland is a relatively easy RPG with tedious gameplay, rudimentary combat and a bartering system that'll have you tearing your hair out. And yet for some reason the game's charm, gorgeous look and flashes of inspiration put a smile on your face. It's even more frustrating given how only a few small gameplay tweaks would have made this game one of the best RPGs on the DS, and a credit to the Legend of Zelda franchise. As it is, only hardcore Zelda enthusiasts and RPG fanatics will be able to forgive the game for its misgivings and barter their way to paradise.
Diehard GameFan (Dec 17, 2007)
Even when the game is looked at through rose-coloured glasses by a fan of the main character, it still ends up playing poorly and boring the hell out of me. So when you take into consideration that this game is probably the worst I have played this year, then think about the number of people who actually like the main character, you quickly realize that this is one ill-fated project. The developers had the chance to use a unique character to produce something truly original out of a promising premise, but something went terribly wrong. If you thought about importing this game, you can forget it now, and be thankful that I threw 50$ out the window just so you didn’t have to.

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