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70 (UK) (Nov 26, 2008)
Basically What's Cooking? With Jamie ****ing Oliver is great if you're after an interactive cookbook. There's an extensive selection of excellent recipes, the instructions are easy to follow, the step-by-step system works well and the shopping list feature is useful.
Das Kochspiel rund um Jamie Oliver kann auf dem ersten Blick überzeugen. Dies liegt vor allem an der deutschen Original-Synchronstimme des englischen Starkochs. Dennoch bietet der direkte Konkurrent "Kochkurs - Was wollen wir heute kochen?" mehr für sein Geld. Ihr bekommt mehr Rezepte, könnt diese aus zahlreichen internationalen Gerichten auswählen und die begleitende Stimme während des Kochens gibt euch das Gefühl, dass ihr gut aufgehoben seid. Bei "Koch doch mal! mit Jamie Oliver" wirken vor allem das Kochspiel und die Herausforderungen sehr aufgesetzt und bringen nicht den erhofften Spielspass. Wer aus seinem Nintendo DS ein wahres Kochbuch machen will, sollte demnach zur Konkurrenz greifen, die bietet definitiv mehr fürs Geld!
Gamer 2.0 (Nov 06, 2008)
So basically what you have here is a glorified recipe book with an interactive element. It’s not really worth the time or the effort to trudge through. Maybe the developers need to go over the recipe.
50 (Oct 29, 2008)
Jamie Oliver a beau nous proposer des recettes originales plutôt appétissantes, son logiciel ne soutient pas la comparaison avec les Leçons de Cuisine sorties sur le même support. L'interface mal pensée et l'absence des petites fonctionnalités qui avaient fait le succès de son aîné ne pardonne pas. Ce programme pourra malgré tout intéresser tous ceux qui cherchent des idées repas rafraîchissantes pour impressionner leurs amis.
IGN (Oct 31, 2008)
What's Cooking? Jamie Oliver is an admirable effort but it doesn't go far enough beyond regular cookbooks to make it worth it. Truly interactive features like voice commands (so you don't get your DS grubby while cooking) and video tutorials would have been useful -- and will appear in Nintendo's first-party cooking title later this year. Plus, the game aspects here are more annoying than anything. Gamers who want to get their hands dirty in the kitchen should wait a bit for Nintendo's effort.
Cheat Code Central (Nov, 2008)
On his website, Oliver expressed excitement about sharing a cookbooks worth of recipes with gamers on the DS, as he hopes to get as many people cooking easy, tasty meals as possible. Granted, some who pick up the game may indeed find it useful to learn how to cook a few solid dishes, but this is nothing that can’t be done in a more practical manner by grabbing one of his cookbooks. The actual gaming portion of this package is painfully unintuitive and fails to deliver any sort of experience of lasting worth. A food analogy properly sums it up. Pizza, salad, and cake are all good on their own, but haphazardly mash the three together results in an unpalatable mess. Sadly, such is the case with What’s Cooking.
Modojo (Oct 24, 2008)
If Personal Trainer: Cooking didn't exist, we'd probably show more love to What's Cooking? Jamie Oliver for its eclectic mix of recipes. Unfortunately for Atari, Personal Trainer blows this game out of the kitchen with a more diverse selection of meals and a stellar presentation. If you're that hard up for Jamie Oliver, there are plenty of tasty looking dishes for you to make, but seeing as how the game lacks narration, you might as well purchase one of his books, some of which are less expensive than the $29.99 video game.
Game Revolution (Jan 07, 2009)
All in all, I cannot figure out why anyone would buy this game instead of purchasing one of Jamie's cookbooks. It's just as useful, has a larger "screen", probably has more recipes, and won't short out if when you spill wine on it.
GameZone (Oct 28, 2008)
What's Cooking? could have been the next Cooking Mama. But instead of going for video-game supremacy, it took a different route and became an interactive cookbook. If that's what people want from this game, it might just work. But I suspect that most DS owners, even those who don't play more than Brain Age and Nintendogs, come to the system for an actual gaming experience. If you want a digital cookbook, I'm sure there's a Web site that will suffice.
With little to offer beyond the conventional cookbook What's Cooking? Jamie Oliver doesn't bring anything new to the dinner table. Combining the thrilling elements of a recipe Rolodex, food preparation and list making each element of the game is weakly done and tedious. What's Cooking? Jamie Oliver will only serve to remind you that cooking is work and motion-based gameplay is not inherently fun. If you have a DS, some cash and scorn cookbooks go ahead and buy the game, but it gave me food poisoning.

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