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Nuclear Strike Screenshots

User Screenshots

Nintendo 64 version

Taste hot Apache death!
Cobra chopper taking care of business in the DMZ.
This was supposed to be a "peace" mission.

PlayStation version

Title screen
Main menu
Hyperactive pre-mission cinemas: a staple of the later Strike series.
Explosions are more energetic this time around.
Different fire effects.
Puffs on the ground where our bullets are hitting.
Lifting trucks off the ground with explosions.
Ever-useful map screen.
Use the winch to grab supplies and hostages.
Return to base? But I was just getting started!

Windows version

The Title Screen.
Scenes from the Intro. Here you see Andrea.
Scenes from the Intro.
Scenes from the Intro.
Introducing General Earle
The Chopper
Introducing the Hacker "Hack".
Introducing Andrea
Scenes from the First Mission
Ingame screenshot from the very beginning.
Nice Effects when you destroy an enemy.
You can pickup goods which you can find anywhere on the map.
The Mission Map
Which is the best strategy for this mission?
This is LeMonde, the "Bad Guy".
Nuclear Strike Launcher
When the CD is inserted it autoloads and displays this installation screen