Faladia Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

Cute Kinpukurin logo :)
Title screen
The very short intro
Starting location
You attack the first friendly NPC you meet...
...and that's the result :)
On the world map
The hero must fight alone a group of what looks like angry ducks :)
Tower entrance
I don't think that's the right way :)
Nice room!
The hero stupidly attacks a mighty wizard NPC :)
You are not welcome in this town...
...so try your luck in another one
Visiting a shop. Opening a menu :)
Your party is growing!
The four ways of interaction
Castle entrance
Throne room
Our party has almost defeated the beasties :)
It's always very dark in dungeons
Those guys cast fire on us!..
Maze-like garden
Temple entrance
Unconventional way of attacking :)
Dungeon battle. Our party is in grave danger...