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King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder! Screenshots (PC-98)

User Screenshots

PC-98 version

In the PC-98 version, all the setup is done when running the main game
Ahh, the nostalgic logo... :)
Title screen
Intro. Castle Daventry is about to disappear
As the credits run...
Not only the owl can speak; he can speak JAPANESE! :)
Dig this "absent-minded professor" outfit, dude. A tad overkill with the whole "I'm-too-cool-for-underwear" attitude, though...
Starting location. You impatiently grab the roof
Go, brave warrior! Go!...
Unsure whether you should go on that path or not, you open the Sierra icon interaction menu
Middle of the forest "hub". You open your inventory
Nice view of the city. Too bad the graphics on PC-98 are so lousy
Dialogues have those portraits and block the whole screen...
Another wacky fantasy creature. A tree who is playing a harp. Maybe I should get a piano for her. Maybe she could swing, you know. Play Thelonious Monk or something
You bravely venture into the Evil Wizard Realm (TM)
You get zapped...
...and turned into a frog. You'd think you could continue the game in a frog form, but no. Game is over
Nice architecture!
All house interiors are displayed in small windows. Very annoying, uncomfortable, and just plain bad-looking
I wonder what those guys are doing there...
The wise owl will offer professional consulting from time to time. It mostly consists of: "Be careful, Graham!!.. There is deep water there!!..", as if you were blind or didn't play the other KQs
Hey, now I want to play Ultima
The classic Sierra Desert To Be Lost In (TM)
Beautiful view here. You try to talk to yourself
You get bitten by a scorpion... Life was good as long as it lasted
They really tried, but the inferior graphics of PC-98 made this town look less beautiful than it was supposed to