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Policenauts Screenshots (PC-98)

User Screenshots

PC-98 version

Title screen
A Hideo Kojima Production
Home (Earth)
Old Los Angeles 2040
Jonathan Ingram Agency
A client is about to ask Jonathan a service
Casting by Aoni Production
Mecha Design by Hajime Katoki
Jonathan Ingram (Hideyuki Tanaka)
Some guy left a message on the answering machine
Jonathan's badge from his LAPD times
A photo of Jonathan and his young wife Lorraine at Lucas World
The Policenauts team, 25 years ago
Ed Brown, Jonathan's former partner
A recent newspaper article about the miracle recovery of Jonathan Ingrum [sic]
A newspaper article about the completion of the Beyond Coast space station
The client is about to present herself
Lorraine Hōjō (Chiyoko Kawashima) -- now a 50 years old and remarried lady
Popup menus are contextual and more interactive than in classic digital comics