PGA European Tour Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga CD32 version

Title screen.
The credits.
Mr. Rafferty is taking a shot.
Inside the golf club house.
Checking out the options.
High scores.
Selecting my golf course.
This is where I'll be playing.
An overview of hole #1.
Aiming my shot.
Choosing the right club.
A window pops up to inform me on what kind of ground the ball came to rest.
This isometric view of the green can be rotated.
So close!
Standings after the first hole.
Bernd gives me a couple of tips for the next hole.
Here we go again!
Preparing for hole #3.

DOS version

Title screen
After the usual collection of company & publisher logos the game loads to this menu
The top left golf club like icon gives the player access to customise the playing conditions
The middle left flag like icon gives the player access to the different game modes where they can determine the number of holes per match
The practice session allows the player to choose which hole at which course they want to practice on
The player icon on the lower left allows the creation of a new player. MOBYGAMER is the maximum number of letters allowed.
The next part of setting up a new player is choosing what clubs to carry.
... and the final part is the setting player customisation.
There's a lot of professionals to play against. When the game installs the player can choose which ones of them are to be loaded
For each professional there's a profile and ...
... a short video. Allegedly Mark James' friends call him Jesse
So now a game has been set up against two professionals
Playing a tournament the players get to choose their course. Each course has a short summary and ...
... a video. This is a fly over that's followed by some on-course shots while the commentary continues with the course's recent history ( as at 1995/6)
This will be a 1 hole practice match and that's been set as hole 1 at the K Club, Ireland. The hole starts with a fly-by, which is an option that can be disabled
The first Pro, Oz Azabal, tees off.
As the back-swing starts two additional windows appear, one shows the view from the pin to the player, the other will track the ball as it travels
This is the end of his shot.
MOBYGAMER's turn. The arc shows the power of the swing. The mouse and/or the arrows control direction. the course map on the left shows the anticipated position of the ball
After the shot the player is given the chance to retake or accept their shot.
Club selection is automatic. Only later did I realise that instead of selecting all the good clubs I'd de-selected them. MOBYGAMER is playing with clubs that cannot move the ball any distance.
In game options can be accessed and changed
When on the green a grid is displayed and the commentator gives helpful comments such as 'There's a significant draw from left to right'
At some point the player will get close enough to be offered a tap-in
This is a replay of MOBYGAMER's best putt
Even the professionals end up in the sand ...
.. and they hang their head when they miss a putt

Game Boy version

Title screen
Title screen (Super Game Boy)
The pro shop
New game or old game?
Practice, tournament or skins challenge?
How many players?
I choose to play as J. M. Olazabal from Spain.
I will play at the Forest of Arden in Warwickshire, UK.
Here is a map of the course.
Teeing off at hole 1
The ball landed on the fairway.
The ball is on the green.
I am one under par. I got a birdie.
My practice scorecard.
I landed in the rough.
I landed in the bunker, a.k.a. sand trap.
Taking a swing on the fairway.
I made par on this hole.
PLUNK! I went into the water.
Oooh! Double bogey. I am two over par on this hole.
My final scorecard.

Genesis version

Title screen
Main menu
View select
Player select
Course select
Course overview
Some commentary...
Hmm, can you handle that?
Getting started
The ball is falling down
Close view
River is ahead
Money winners
Player card
Starting a tournament
Mountain view
Weather report

SNES version

Title screen
The pro shop - main menu
Creating a golfer.
Practice round in Spain
Welcome to Valderrama
The leaderboard
At the tee
Pause menu - see stats or course overview.
Replay of this nice birdie
Your scorecard
Wentworth in England
Hitting across a walkway.
Bird's view of the hold
A tree is blocking the view.
The profile of the green
Nice par