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Gaming Age (Aug 28, 2018)
Thankfully, however, this flaw isn’t enough to derail the whole game. Horizon Chase Turbo may occasionally be infuriating, but it’s a whole lot of fun much more frequently. If you’ve ever yearned for an arcade racer that genuinely feels like it comes from the early days of home consoles, you should most definitely check this one out.
Being an arcade game, Horizon Chase Turbo is definitely a must-play for those who reminisce about the good old days. It is basically your favorite retro racing game with enhanced graphics and better sound effects. The soundtrack is akin to what theme songs were like from classic games, but with an improvement in variety and quality. Fun fact – they actually have the soundtrack on Spotify, which is what I am listening to now as I write this review (not sponsored, just impressed). In any case, the game has brought me hours of entertainment, and the next time my friends come over, this will undeniably be a great way to spend time with each other.
Destructoid (Jul 22, 2018)
I had a hell of a time with Horizon Chase Turbo. Of all of the retro revival games that have come out over the past few years, it is near the top of my personal list of favourites. I can’t get enough of it. For future iterations it would be cool to see a track editor, and maybe an online multiplayer mode, or some other way to implement variety into the core game since even with various tracks the experience can get tiring and is best served by short bursts of play, but I like what's here. Horizon Chase Turbo succeeds in being a worthy successor to Top Gear and doesn't try to pretend to do much else beyond that.
MAN!AC (Jul 25, 2018)
Tolles Arcade-Rennspiel, das den Geist der 16-Bit- und Amiga-Raser gelungen in die Gegenwart bringt.
3D Juegos (May 21, 2018)
Horizon Chase Turbo es justo lo que quiere ser: un homenaje a los arcades de conducción de los salones recreativos de los 90. Lo consigue en base a unos controles simples pero perfectos, una curva de dificultad muy bien estudiada y una duración poderosísima, si consideramos el tipo de juego del que hablamos. Se acusa bastante la repetición a medio plazo, y podría haberse atrevido a plantear más cosas, pero como heredero de una época dorada en el género arcade, os hará pasar unas cuantas tardes de dulce nostalgia apretando el acelerador… y los dientes.
77 (Jul 06, 2018)
Wenn man in tiefroter Dämmerung startet, um bald einem weißen Vollmond entgegenzurasen, durch das bunt geschmückte Salvador oder schneeweißen Winter rauscht, dann trifft Horizon Chase Turbo die verklärte Romantik klassischer Rennspiele wunderbar auf den Punkt. Viele Streckenelemente wirken zwar wie standardisierte Versatzstücke eines Baukastens, was sie vor allem spielerisch entwertet, doch in den kurzen Herausforderungen eines solchen Arcade-Racers ist das gerade noch verschmerzbar. Im Gegenzug quetscht man sich elegant durch enge Kurven und an Kontrahenten vorbei, vermisst zwar analoges Gasgeben und Bremsen, genießt dafür aber den Drive der schwungvollen Wohlfühl-Musik. Mit dem Handyspiel kann ich noch immer nichts anfangen – ich hab’s ein weiteres Mal vergeblich versucht. Auf PC und PS4 kann ich mich aber kaum davon loseisen!
Way Too Many Games (May 15, 2018)
If you’re a fan of arcade racers from two decades ago, look no further: Horizon Chase Turbo features everything you love (and hate) from those games at an affordable price and with a huge amount of content. It may be a port from a mobile title, and you can definitely see that in its visuals, but it’s good enough to make you ignore that fact. It’s just good old nostalgic fun.
GamingTrend (May 18, 2018)
Horizon Chase Turbo is a fun and challenging racing game that harkens back to the old school arcade days. The collision system can be aggravating and dampen the fun as a result. The tracks aren't anything to rave about, but the environments have a bright, plucky charm to them. It has its share of flaws, but it is worth checking out if you need a quick racing fix.
PlayStation Universe (May 15, 2018)
A thoroughly enjoyable arcade racer with an eye on the past, Horizon Chase Turbo does a commendable job of reinvigorating 90s arcade racing in a way that nobody else has really bothered to do.
Digital Chumps (May 25, 2018)
Overall, Horizon Chase Turbo is simple fun that doesn’t offer up an overbearing challenge for its racers. It contains some good rewards, which help keep the player motivated, but needs to be just a bit deeper in the physics department. All in all, though, it’s a fun arcade racer.
PlayStation Lifestyle (May 25, 2018)
There is lots of fun to be had with Horizon Chase Turbo, especially if you’re looking for a modern successor to games that have long since been out of arcades. It is a worthy replacement for Out Run, in that it does everything those games did but with a shiny coat of paint and some bells and whistles that are genre-staples nowadays. It doesn’t make any noticeable attempt to improve on that formula in anyway, though. For someone looking for something a little more than sprinting around flat tracks in pretty places (or playing online with your friends) you may be left in the dust.
TheSixthAxis (May 31, 2018)
Horizon Chase Turbo is an old school inspired arcade racer that can be both fun and frustrating to play. When it is at its fun moments then the attitude of just one more race takes over as you become engrossed. When the game throws up its frustrating moments they can override a lot of goodwill. If you’re looking for an arcade racer then Horizon Chase Turbo is worth considering, but don’t let its charming looks fool you as you’ll face a tough challenge within.
ZTGameDomain (Jun 05, 2018)
There is a lot of crap to wade through in gaming today. So when something as special and fun as Horizon Chase Turbo comes along, I feel the need to shout it from the rooftops. If you grew up in arcades loving those classic sit-down racing games, this is one you need to play. I cannot wait to spend more time with it, and hope the devs get a chance to make more titles that rekindle my childhood nostalgia.
70 (May 22, 2018)
The spirit of old school arcade racing is reborn in a homage to everything from OutRun to Lotus Turbo Challenge, and despite a few bumps in the road it’s all just as much fun as you remember.
The Koalition (May 15, 2018)
Horizon Chase Turbo may recapture some of the charm from arcade racers of the past, but not enough is done to make it feel like a fun revival. The visuals are colorful and the racing is fast, but there’s not much fun to be had after that. Races can be difficult because of poorly programed A.I and a restrictive upgrade system that doesn’t do enough to help despite the challenge required to obtain them. If you grew up with arcade racers from back in the day, you might find solace reliving those memories playing this game. Everyone else might not get as much out of it.