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Resident Evil 2 Screenshots (PlayStation 4)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 4 version

Main title
Leon's Story select screen
Claire's story select screen
A cistern truck driver in the opening cinematic
Leon arriving at a seamlessly abandoned gas station
Leon is centering on the key, of couse
Leon's and Claire's fateful meeting
My my, what teeth you have, you ought to call your dentist immediately
Sorry, this bathroom is occupied
Better put on my job uniform... doesn't hurt that it has a kevlar underneath
Leon sure wishes he could've met his lieutenant under better circumstances
Zombies will break in through the windows, but they can be boarded up to reduce the number of entry points
Map of the area
Enforcing the law... stealing from the drink vending machines is highly prohibited
Not every zombie is out there to get you... but after a while, they tend to wake up and head to greet you
Trouble in the library
Nice doggie
Leon meets Ada
Having a knife or a concussion grenade can be used for counter-attack when an enemy grabs you
Tyrant can only be stopped momentarily with a firepower
Entering the gun store
That's one big alligator chasing Leon
With Leon injured and out of commission, Ada is heading to capture Annette Birkin on her own
Ada has a special gadget that lets her activate hidden electronics
Leon exploring the sewers
Leon testing the newly acquired flamethrower
A romantic moment between Leon and Ada
Welcome to Umbrella corporation, enjoy your visit
While the game has auto-save feature, manual saves are done via nostalgic typewriter the original RE2 used
Japanese Z Version is less censored and shows blood color and limbs, but severed limbs turn all black as charcoal
Special forces... or what's left of them
The plant turned zombies into more formidable opponents, but weak to fire
Fighting a pair of lickers
What's left of the scientists
Cafeteria seems quiet
Doctor, doctor... I feel burning, burning!!
Leon tending to Annette Birkin
Ada really wants that virus sample
Claire is passing through a small graveyard
Clearing the game once unlocks costumes from original RE2 game
Claire wearing the original RE2 outfit
Claire teaming up with Sherry
Claire is dealing with a pack of lickers
Sherry is trying to escape from the orphanage
Final version of G virus mutation
Sherry is trying to lighten the mood after they all barely escaped with their lives
Unlockable artwork
Finishing full story unlocks the survivor mode
Playing as Hunk requires reaching exit without any new items or save points along the way