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Milano no Arbeit Collection Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen
Milano's mom.
Milano's dad.
...and Milano herself.
The map with very few thing unlocked.
Tutorial for the baking part time job.
Milano's working hard to make money by puzzling cake ingredients together.
And this is what it all comes down to. The sweet pay check at the end of a long day at work.
This is the menu where you decide what Milano should be doing at the moment. Somewhat similar to The Sims actually. They all give her a boost in different statistics.
Good night... zZZZzzZZzz...
Milking flying cows? Now that's hard work!
Milano having some dinner. The player picks from a list what she's going to eat.
Feeding the cat to keep him happy.
Just taking a day off to relax by the fountain.
Milano is making some phone calls.
Cleaning dishes might not be fun, but it pays for any future furniture purchase...
Milano's statistics screen.