Namco Museum Vol. 3 Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Main menu
Information booth
Namco history
The library
Tower of Druaga concept art
Movie theater
Ms. Pac-Man house
Ms. Pac-Man and her dog
Some toilet humor
Ms. Pac-Man living room
Ms. Pac-Man arcade machine
Ms. Pac-Man start screen
Ms. Pac-Man first maze
This time the options menu can be accessed directly, instead of the cumbersome dipswitch interface of the previous entry.
Ms. Pac-Man can run sideways
Ms. Pac-Man can be played sideways too, by switching the control method.
Ms. Pac-Man eating ghosts.
Ms. Pac-Man next maze
Ms. Pac-Man dipswitch menu
Pole Position II arcade machine
Pole Position II room decorations
Pole Position II title screen
Pole Position II - Adjusting the difficulty.
Pole Position II - Car explosion
Pole Position II - Demo
Pole Position II - Race tracks
Pole Position II - Qualifying lap start
Pole Position II - Game start
Pole Position II - Sea side track
Pole Position II - Control options
Pole Position II - Namco track
The Dig Dug gallery is inside a cave.
Dig Dug instructions
Dig Dug machine
Dig Dug title screen
Dig Dug start
Dig Dug arcade mode
Dig Dug exploding a Pooka.
Dig Dug - Round 5
Dig Dug - Wind up Pooka
Galaxian machine
Galaxian - Arcade mode
Phozon machine
Phozon title screen
Phozon start
Phozon - Building a molecule.
Phozon - Arcade mode
Tower of Druaga dungeon gallery
Tower of Druaga machine
Tower of Druaga title screen
Tower of Druaga
Tower of Druaga - Arcade mode