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Policenauts Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen
Intro: the colony Beyond Coast
Intro: Jonathan is departing on his space voyage
Intro: The Policenauts
Home, sweet home...
Metal Pizza? Solid Snake?!.. What next - "Suikoden Disco"? "Silent Hill Falafel"? "Pro Evolution Soccer Striptease Bar"?!!
Second Title Screen
Our blue-haired hero, Jonathan Ingram
Jonathan is looking at an old photo
Move the cursor over the object you want to interact with
The name of the Soviet newspaper "Pravda" is written correctly, but the article title is pure rubbish :-)
Menu choices by interaction
Shooting sequence. Press triangle to reload!
Game Over. Anything to add?..
I bet she had to undergo complex intellectual tests before getting hired as a receptionist for Tokugawa...
Outside of Ed Brown's house
This is Ed's daughter and adopted son. Jonathan tries hard not to look at her in a... err... certain way
Talking to your best buddy, Ed Brown. Someone here is a big fan of Lethal Weapon movie series!..
Infiltrating a hospital at night
Hey man, sorry, didn't mean to scare you...
Jonathan and Meryl in a dramatic scene
Shoot-out in the Tokugawa building!
They surely know how to throw fancy anti-gravity parties...