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ATV Offroad Fury Credits

Rainbow Studios

Game DesignerRobb Rinard
Technology LeadMark DeSimone
Lead ProgrammerTravis Hilterbrand
Technology Programming TeamAdam Kraver, Eric Patrick, Mike Chow, Rick Baltman, Tom Shepherd, Veronique Martin-Lang
Game Programming TeamAllen Sanderlin, Anthony Silva, Jared Harp
Additional ProgrammingDennis Booth, Glenn O'Bannon, Lisa Carter
Art DirectorNick Koziupa
Lead ArtistBrian Coonce
3D Modeling, Animation, TexturesJon Roberts, Troy Perry, Panya Inversin, Chris Baranowski, Jose Fontanez, Shaun Bell
Audio and Sound DesignDan Gallagher, David Lowmiller
Production ManagementScott Novis, Mark Mahler
System SupportDave Favier, Brad Carpenter, Christopher Rizzo
Additional ArtStephane Roncada
Additional AnimationStephane Roncada, Bruce Hall, Tyler Williams, Tom Granberg, Boyd Lake, Thuan Do, Michael Klucher, Michael Smith, Robert Redden, Josh Spralding, Scott Whitworth, Michael Smith
Business AffairsEarl Jarred, Jock Patton, Jeff Padden, Kevin Cahill
Administration and SupportSandy Jarred, Scott Gilbert, Marji Lent, Amy Doll, Jessica Hanson
Special ThanksSarah Kimmel, Brian Gillies, Lone Star Racing, Travis K. Riffle, Kevin Massey (Spawnholio), Roy Stuart, Jay Schurman, Skyler Stuart, Shane Stuart, Scott Butler, Roger Heemsbergen


ProducerSimon Roberts
Product ManagerStephen Woodward
New Release ManagerFlora Collingwood
Manual and Packaging TextRussell Coburn, Will Shiers
DesignJames Phippen
Marketing / PRAnne Carroll
Quality Assurance ManagerGeoff Rens
Team LeaderPhil Green
Voice DirectorAndy Emery
Localisation Co‑ordinatorBritta Kuhnen


"Spoonman"Chris Cornell (Written by), Soundgarden - Performed by
"Superfly"Bender - Performed and Written by
"Stop & Panic"Aaron Carter (Written by), Stephen James Barry (Written by), Cirrus ‑ Performed by
"Them Bones"Jerry Cantrell (Written by), Alice In Chains - Performed by
"Yo! Future"Norman Fisher-Jones (Written by), Ian Garfield Hoxley (Written by), Paul Kodish (Written by), Trevor Gray (Written by), Howard James Gray (Written by), Apollo Four Forty - Performed by

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Credits for this game were contributed by Ben Bogin (39) and Allen Sanderlin (44)