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Final Fantasy X Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Title screen
Zanarkand before its destruction.
Sin takes the form of an enormous water beast.
City of Luca.
Zanarkand in its full glory
Tidus, our reluctant hero.
Tidus getting ready for blitzball
Waterfront port, but Sin beat us to it.
Temple side chamber.
Enemy uses a special attack.
Auron with a hint of Sin in the background
Rebuilding a destroyed village.
Difference between a "hero" model and a regular NPC.
Active environments and backgrounds.
One of the first bosses you will fight
Yuna's dance.
Setting souls at peace.
Yuna in a moment of introspection
Aw, how sweet... young love...
Ship arrives at harbor.
The gang's all here.
Main Menu
Lobby of a local inn.
Main options screen where you can change pretty much everything your heart desires.
Character upgrading method is now a little bit versatile and different thatn in previous FF games.
It wouldn't be a complete Final Fantasy if there wouldn't be a way to ride a Chokobo, now would it?
Blitzball is a playable sub-game.
Chocobo power?! Call PETA!
The detail of pre-rendered cutscenes in FFX is really astonishing.
When Bahamut deals a damage, you can bet it'll always be bigger than expected.
Tidus confronts Auron about his past.
No, this is not pre-rendered cinematic but actual ingame footage. It looks almost as good as in MGS2, doesn't it?
Shiva is still as deadly and gorgeous as ever. Freezing too.
Exploring the port of Luca. The place for Blitzball.
Lulu uses black magic lightning attack against this robot.
Auron deals a deadly strike to one of the random monsters.
Tidus and Kimahri didn't start up fairly well. It's time for acquaintance.
Like every good couple, Tidus and Yuna will face most of danger together.
Whoa, Rikku, is this what people call striptease around here?
Tidus should leave bigger monsters for Auron to handle.
Ain' it great, you can switch between characters in the middle of a battle.
When you see some of your characters on their knees, it's time for some healing action
On the contrary to other games from the series, this game will require a lot of swimming
Auron is making sure that this frozen entity stays split
Tidus is best and quickest in handling foes of his size
Boss fight
Gazing out at the Moonflow.
One of the temples on your pilgrimage.
Rikku joins the party
Full party complete

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