Shadow Hearts Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Bacon and Alice
Title screen
The Judgment Ring
First Gameplay Area
The mysterious 'Fox Face' appears.
Inspecting graves.
Yeah, hilarious...
Acquiring a Fusion Soul.
Alice is casting a healing spell
Status screen
Equipment screen
Despite its size and non-intimidating appearance, this is a pretty high-level monster
A historical scientist's goofy hut overlooking the sea with the stylish sky
One of the game's area maps
Nice spot near an old monastery
Fighting assorted baddies in a cave dungeon in England
Atmospheric entrance to a dark temple
The streets of London
Visiting a bar in London
Nice decorations in an orphanage
Reading a poster in Prague
Save point in one of the game's inns
Ambushed by a mean-looking dude
The dungeons have a certain neatly arranged look
Beautiful art in a vampire's castle
Yuri's most powerful fusion, Amon, is quite a tough guy
Quiet village in Eastern Europe
A late dungeon with three colored spots for saving, party-changing, and teleporting out
A late boss battle - still the same Judgment Ring