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Game Revolution (May 07, 2012)
Still, Datura should be celebrated for exploring the immersive, psychological boundaries of video games. Even though it doesn't have a high production value and it's short even for a $9.99 game, its core message is that this is an artform that has the power to have players experience something that other artforms can only dream of. There's an incredible amount of untapped potential when it comes to cerebral, out-of-this-world game design, and I can imagine a full retail title based solely off Datura that can radically change how we approach video games. However, until then, Datura is just a sliver of imagination.
GamesRadar (May 07, 2012)
If this sort of game doesn’t sound appealing, no one can blame you. Datura is arty, a tad obtuse, and the clumsy Move controls don’t make it any more accessible. For more methodical, curious gamers, we recommend you download Datura, and play it with a DualShock. Moments from the game have a way sticking in your mind, calling you in for a replay. If you’re in the mood for something cerebral and weird, and can tolerate terms like “symbolic language” and “latent meaning,” Datura is worth your time.
PlayStation Lifestyle (May 07, 2012)
Despite having this replayability, the two-hour length makes Datura a hard sell at $9.99. Still, I do recommend trying this unusual, unique psychological experience, if only to see what it’s all about and to try and figure out what I means to you—even if it is accompanied by overly frustrating, cumbersome controls.
PlayStation Universe (May 08, 2012)
Despite being woefully short and lacking some genuinely challenging puzzles, Datura is still a captivating and unique experience worth checking out.
Digital Chumps (May 08, 2012)
You get the feeling Datura’s elusive narrative and moral ambiguity was intended to be the subject of rampant speculation. If only it were complimented by proper tactile feedback, or if the whole detached hand mechanism managed a legitimate grasp of Datura's nebulous constructs, we'd be talking more about Datura as a great game and less as an atrophied experience.
Polygon (May 27, 2012)
With the right expectations, and a desire for some self-introspection, Datura will certainly find a willing, thankful audience. Team Plastic's latest effort is a fine, though flawed, experience for what it is, but it isn't a game. Even played the right way, from your heart, Datura will be for most people a slow journey through a quiet wood.
IGN (May 07, 2012)
But unfortunately, Datura's gameplay comes up heavily lacking and brings down the entire product. Navigating the woods and the various scenes you find yourself in will prove frustrating and arduous. Designed for either the PlayStation Move or DualShock, Datura doesn't play better on either controller, with the Move doing some things better while the DualShock picks up the slack in other areas. And the faux choice between control options quickly rears its ugly head when you realize that you'll be using motion no matter which direction you go in. Why make your audience use SixAxis, perhaps the most widely panned and disliked motion option of the entire generation?
Push Square (May 10, 2012)
Datura holds very little challenge and has technical issues, but even in the face of these problems it's a title that is worth experiencing for its distorted narrative alone. It may not be an entirely great game, but it is at the least a push in a different direction and a breath of fresh air that makes you think – and for that, as more and more games fall victim to conformity, it deserves praise.
D+PAD Magazine (Jun 13, 2012)
This very much makes Datura a game of two halves; on the one hand it’s imaginative, beautifully rendered, and strives for a rare degree of uniqueness. On the other, it’s an experience marred by mechanical shortcomings and over-ambition, with Move implementation that frustrates as much as it inspires awe. Taken as a whole however, Datura is worthy of your attention (especially given its low price) – there are plenty of genuinely surprising set pieces and the developers get the Move implementation right enough times to nudge the game towards the technical showcase they so obviously want it to be. There’s something endearing about titles that reach for the stars but ultimately fall short, and Datura is certainly endearing…even if it is rather clunky.
NZGamer (May 25, 2012)
A trippy, confusing ride that could have been so much more.
Gamers' Temple, The (May 21, 2012)
The whole experience - I hesitate to call it a game - will take you a little over an hour depending on how long you spend goofing around with the controls. I can appreciate games that try to create a different and unique experience, but the real trick is to make that experience enjoyable, and Datura fails in this important regard.
50 (UK) (May 10, 2012)
It's better with Move because it was made for it. It's not, though, reason enough to buy one. But if you do have Sony's under-supported device stuffed in a drawer, Datura is a flawed experiment that's worth a look if only because it reaches towards - and occasionally touches - something that feels genuinely fresh.
Cheat Code Central (May 10, 2012)
Datura doesn't quite reach its goal of straddling the line between "experience" and "game." Those looking for a clever adventure game with motion-controlled puzzles should just skip this one and pick up Zack & Wiki for the Wii. Those looking for a journey of self-discovery will find Datura to be essentially shallow. I strongly recommend against getting the game if you don't have a Move controller, as that's definitely the way it's meant to be played. Even with the Move, though, most of what Datura attempts to do has been done better by other games.
50 (May 08, 2012)
Datura versagt in vielen Bereichen: Die Welt ist winzig, die Aktionsmöglichkeiten sind bescheiden, die Hindernisbewältigung ist banal, die Länge ist ein Witz und die Steuerung ist stellenweise eine echte Katastrophe - gerade Letzteres darf man sich bei so wenig Interaktion nicht erlauben. Trotzdem werden interessante Bilder gemalt, Stimmungen erzeugt und Entscheidungen verlangt. Aber selbst wenn es entfernte Ähnlichkeiten gibt: Das Erlebte hält einem Vergleich mit der emotionalen Dramatik eines Heavy Rain, mit der erzählerischen Poesie eines Dear Esther oder mit der hypnotischen Eleganz eines Journey nicht Stand - die qualitativen Unterschiede sind einfach zu groß. Unterm Strich bleibt ein experimenteller, nur halbwegs gelungener Spaziergang durch den Gedankenwald einer geplagten Psyche, die man gerne intuitiver, freier und tiefer durchforstet hätte...
Gameplay (Benelux) (May 30, 2012)
Datura had een unieke, intellectueel uitdagende ervaring à la David Lynch kunnen worden, maar schiet door verschrikkelijke controls en een totaal gebrek aan context alleen maar losse flodders af.
AusGamers (May 16, 2012)
All the potential in the world and a bag of chips still only gets you a bag of chips. Datura reeks of under-utilised and squandered potential, making the end result even more disappointing. If you’re looking for a moving and immersive title to add to your collection Datura isn’t it. Spend your money on Journey instead.
Games TM (Jun 07, 2012)
To have so vibrant and imaginative a world laid on for you only to be slapped in the face by a disembodied hand whenever you try to explore it is a crushing disappointment, but its originality makes it recommendable all the same, provided you go into the experience aware of the crippling control issues. Its themes demand discussion and its rendering respect, making it all the more frustrating that Datura is just the latest casualty of chasing a motion control bubble that burst several years ago.
GameSpot (May 11, 2012)
By the end of the 90-minute adventure you're left feeling empty, and even a little angry at the whole experience. You crave an actual message, but all you're left with are many questions and no hope of getting any answers. You could spend hours trying to figure it all out in your head, or write essays on why the whole experience is a metaphor for the downfall of capitalism or an explanation for the meaning of life. But boy would you be wasting your time. Datura is vacuous. There's simply no point trying to figure it all out. It's an attempt at an affecting and artistically driven experience that went one step too far over the line into the pretentious.

atari kombinera