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Astérix & Obélix XXL 2: Mission: Las Vegum Credits

Tate Interactive

ProducerPaweł Leskowicz
Business DevelopmentAgnieszka Kozlowska
Lead ProgrammerJan Matląg
Lead DesignerWojtek Biliński
ProgrammersJakub Kojder, Marcin Klimek, Marcin Wasniowski, Michał Trzeciak, Mariusz Niezabitowski
Lead Level DesignMichał Firek
3D ArtistsLukasz Biegun, Tomasz Straszewski
Concept ArtistPawel Czapla
Character ModellingArek Firlit
Character AnimationArek Firlit, Wojtek Biliński
F/XPiotr Kolasinski
Music & SFXDariusz Puk
QA LeadLukasz Cwikla
TestersTomasz Zbadyński, Artur Kisielewski

Atari Europe

Senior ProducerNadège De Bergevin
Republishing DirectorRebecka Pernered
Republishing ManagerSébastien Chaudat
Republishing ProducerChristophe Manquant
Localisation ManagerLudovic Bony
Localisation Project ManagerPierre Froget
Localisation Technical ConsultantDidier Flipo
Printed Materials ManagerCaroline Fauchille
Printed Materials Project ManagerSandrine Dubois
CopywriterVincent Hattenberger
MAM Project ManagerJenny Clark
Director Supply ChainAlain Fourcaud
Manufacturing CoordinatorsDelphine Doncieux, Mike Shaw, Jean Grenouiller, Elise Pierrel
Evaluation & ConsultingJocelyn Cioffi, Jean-Yves Lapasset
Quality DirectorLewis Glover
Quality Control Project ManagerVincent Laloy, Christian Ampère
Certification Project ManagerLisa Gaillard
Product Planning Project ManagerSophie Wibaux-Meliet
Engineering Services ManagerPhilippe Louvet
Engineering Services ExpertStéphane Entéric, Pascal Guillen, Emeric Polin
European Marketing DirectorCyril Voiron
Senior Group Product ManagerTim Verschure
European Web ManagerRenaud Marin
European PR DirectorJohn Tyrrell
European Communications ExecutiveAlistair Hatch
France Product ManagerLionel Arnaud
Benelux Product ManagerSimone Goudsmit
UK Product ManagerGrant Tasker
Nordic Product ManagerNikke Lindner
Spain Product ManagerLaura Aznar Bertran
Italy Product MangerAndrea Loiudice
Germany Product ManagerPatrick Rausch
Music & SFXAllister Brimble, Anthony N. Putson
Special Thanks ToRelQ, Swetha Narayan, Enzyme Labs, Around the World, Synthesis International Srl, Synthesis Iberia S.L, TAKE OFF, Petrol, KBP
Les Editions Albert Rene, All Rights ReservedBernard de Choisy, Monique Escortell
ThanksAtari thanks all those who have taken part involuntarily in the game and in particular all those famous people who have been parodied in the normal game mode.

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Credits for this game were contributed by firefang9212 (61485)