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GamePro (US) (Nov 02, 2005)
In NBA Live 06, EA once again strikes sports gaming gold with another solid installment in their powerhouse franchise. As expected, EA crammed all their signature style and high profile pageantry into this portable version with outstanding commentary (by big man Marv Albert), broadcast-like presentation, and rap-tastic soundtrack. While the somewhat pixilated graphics aren't quite up to par with the consloe versions, the visuals still look great. Also featured are a sweet set of entertaining extra game modes like the All-Star Game, 3-Point Shootout, Slam Dunk Contest, Rookie Challenge, and Superstar Challenge (a PSP exclusive mini-game).
PSX Extreme (Oct 25, 2005)
I was disappointed with Madden 06, and that was before I played the very impressive NBA Live for the PSP. The load times are short, all of its big-brothers major features are included, there’s instant replay, and the gameplay is surprisingly tight. Simply put: it’s nearly everything you could ask for in a portable NBA game. Sure, there’s room for improvement, but that doesn’t mean that NBA Live 06 isn’t a darn fine game.
85 (Oct 31, 2005)
NBA Live 06 est une vraie bonne surprise. Non pas qu'on s'attendait à un titre annexe mais la performance des autres versions ne présageait pas forcément du meilleur. Pourtant, on a là un titre incontournable pour la PSP qui procure un grand plaisir pour les fans et que les néophytes adopteront certainement très vite. C'est indiscutablement l'un des meilleurs jeux de sport de la console de Sony.
82 (Nov 08, 2005)
Ganz klar: Die Größe der PC- und Konsolenvorlagen erreicht NBA Live 06 auf Sonys Handheld nicht. Dazu fehlen euch einfach die Möglichkeiten, das Spiel noch mehr nach euren Vorlieben zu gestalten statt euch einfach in eine feste Abwehr zu stellen und auf Möglichkeiten zum Schießen zu warten. Gutes Stellungsspiel wird aber belohnt und die Freestyle-Moves der Superstars sorgen auch hier für fernsehreifes Basketball-Feeling. Wären alle Modi aus den Stubenhocker-Vorbildern vorhanden und hätte EA der Steuerung mehr Feinheiten verpasst, hätte auch die PSP-Fassung den Award abstauben können. So bleibt ein guter Sporttitel, dem es im Abschluss an spielerischer Tiefe mangelt.
GameZone (Nov 02, 2005)
NBA Live for the PSP is a no-brainer, especially for hardcore basketball fanatics. Although displaying its fair share of problems, the overwhelming fun factor of the game more than overshadows the lack of realism.
80 (Nov 10, 2005)
Wer unbedingt auch unterwegs Basketball spielen möchte macht mit NBA Live 06 auf der PSP nichts verkehrt. Wie schon bei der Umsetzung von FIFA 06 hat es EASports geschafft, alle wichtigen Details der Konsolenfassungen auf den Handheld hinüberzuretten. Abstriche muss man lediglich bei der etwas pixeligen Grafik und dem fehlenden Dynastie-Modus hinnehmen. Doch für ein Spielchen zwischendurch macht auch die neue Superstar Challenge durchaus Spaß. Ich persönlich zocke NBA aber lieber weiterhin auf einem großen Bildschirm.
The lackluster mess that was NBA Live 06 on consoles becomes a solid piece of work on the PSP. The feel, style, and gameplay are all different from the home console versions, and if there's ever been a game that needs to stray far, this is the one. In almost every category, Live 06 handheld tramples the home versions.
G4 TV: X-Play (Mar 31, 2006)
Given the title’s fast-moving feel, we’d hoped for a lot more out of the online game. While ad-hoc connections proved to be perfectly workable, EA has once again compromised a game’s online performance with terrible lobbies, lag and an excruciating registration process that requires a $2 fee to avoid spam ads from ESPN. Lame, lame, lame. How many times can we say it? One more: lame.

Don’t let that steer you away from Live, though. One more botched online attempt from EA isn’t enough to damn an otherwise entertaining game of hoop. Even without a deep Dynasty mode (we really expect it next year) this is easily the best basketball available on a handheld.
Yahoo! Games (Oct 07, 2005)
NBA Live 2006 isn't the perfect game for serious NBA fans who dig stat-tracking more than slam-dunking. It is, however, a great game for someone searching for a good looking, fun and portable game of basketball.
GameSpy (Oct 17, 2005)
EA's NBA Live franchise has always been a highlight for basketball fans. The extra features introduced this year give fans even more reason to hit the virtual hardtop. By moving the game to the PSP, EA managed to keep most of the console experience intact and give gamers a robust basketball experience that fits nicely in the palm of their hands. If you're a fan of the game, this is by far the best portable experience you'll find to date.
IGN (Oct 17, 2005)
All things considered; NBA Live 06 is one of the most accessible and fun sports title released for PSP to date. The transition from console to handheld left only a few compromises, none of which hurt the fluidity of gameplay. You'll recognize most of the same animations and player models if you're familiar with the console version, and arcade-style basketball experience translates perfectly to the PSP. The loss of Dynasty mode is countered by the PSP exclusive Superstar Challenge, but the multiplayer features are a little subdued. Steve Kerr and Marv Albert provide entertaining in game analysis, despite a downsize in their library of comments and anecdotes. Any fan of the console NBA Live franchise will certainly enjoy its slimmed-down portable counterpart.
GameSpot (Oct 11, 2005)
Despite the fact that we didn't get as much mileage out of online multiplayer as we hoped, NBA Live 06 for the PSP offers a good arcade basketball experience. Season mode, all-star weekend, and the superstar challenge should keep basketball fans busy for a while, and longtime fans of the NBA Live series will definitely appreciate that this portable version stays very true to its roots.
65 (Nov 06, 2005)
Pour un premier essai sur PlayStation Portable, la franchise d’Electronic Arts s’en tire plutôt bien. Proche de la version PS2 sur de nombreux points, notamment techniques, ce NBA Live 06 est un jeu de basket tout ce qu’il y a de convenable. Reste que les puristes auront du mal à avaler certaines faiblesses de gameplay et d’IA, ainsi que la disparition du mode online. A acheter en connaissance de cause donc.