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Reader Rabbit's Toddler Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Intro - Mat the Mouse and Reader Rabbit show their favorite book
The main screen - all the activities and Parent's pages can be selected from here
Ctrl + P brings up the Parent pages and print options
Printing options - if the player has been signed in his name can be included on the printouts
The Skills Chart shows the lessons covered by each game and activity
Reader Rabbit will do the hand and finger motions for a selected song: here, the Itsy Bitsy Spider goes down the waterspout
In Alphabet Express, the player moves the lettered key to the matching train car to reveal its contents
In Musical Meadow, The player moves a bee-shaped cursor among the flowers to turn the music on and off
In Pop & Play Place, pressing the button on each box causes an animal to pop up - the object is to make three of the same
When three of the same animal pop up, they will count off and sing a song
In Peekaboo Zoo, the cursor becomes a flashlight and the lit animal makes its characteristic sound
In Sky Shapers, moving the glove cursor over a shape picks it up, passing it over it's matching hole drops it into place
When the shapes are all together an animal is revealed
In Bubble Castle, the player practices mouse control by chasing after bubbles to pop them and release caught animals
In Rainbow Rock, the player can experiment with movement and sound effects as he moves the mouse