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WindowsDestructoid (Jan 07, 2012)
The Real Texas is an incredibly smart game, particularly in how it deals with large metaphysical ideas and conveys them to the player. The dialogue is well written and the humor is one of game's brightest aspects. Although not all of the ideas work out perfectly, this is certainly an experience that is hard to find anywhere else and is certainly worth trying out.
WindowsRPGamer (2012)
It's possible to complete version 1.3-chili of The Real Texas in just under 20 hours--longer for fans of classical music and optional quests. Reviews don't tend to mention version numbers, but it's important in this case: the designer is quick to respond to bug reports, leveraging the personal touch of independent games and using them to expand the game’s community. Updates like this extended the postgame content as well as removing earlier bugs. This is a weird game, but it's not for weirdness's sake. Rather, it's a tiny world that gives the impression of being a personal work, warts and all. It does its own thing and asks a few questions along the way.
50 (Jun 21, 2012)
The Real Texas probeert geforceerd een eigenwijze indiehit te worden, maar slaat daardoor de plank mis. De ontwikkelaar wil per se een ode maken aan klassiekers, terwijl perfectie en consistentie ontbreken. De humor is zo ontzettend flauw dat het storend is en grafisch borduurt de game voort op een stijl die inmiddels uitgekauwd is. Dat een paar van de beste games ooit, zoals Zelda en Ultima, gebruikt zijn ter inspiratie zorgt helaas ook niet voor een beter spel.