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PlayStationGamePro (US) (Nov 24, 2000)
A Final Frontier All that aside, SaGa Frontier takes you back to the old days of RPGs: lots of battle time, cool spells and weapons, and a fairly mysterious but engaging story line. SaGa will cure your "I've finished FFVII and have nothing to do" blues.
PlayStationRPGFan (Dec 04, 1999)
The game was doomed to failure in most people's opinion, but I still stand by it. I'd still own the game if it hadn't gotten a big scratch through it. However, I decided to trade it in with a bunch of other games for FF8 because of the scratch. I guess that shows its real worth right there.
PlayStationMega Fun (May, 1998)
Saga Frontier hat seinen Reiz. Das gesamte Drumherum, wie die Attribute, die Kämpfe und der ganze Rest, der so zu einem RPG dazugehört, wirkt sehr innovativ. Insgesamt erscheint Saga Frontier als filigrane Leistung, die sich sehen lassen kann. Das wird auch von der technischen Seite bestätigt. Feine Grafik, die zwar nicht auf ganz so hohem Niveau wie FF VII liegt, sich aber nicht verstecken braucht, und stimmungsvolle Musik sorgen für eine angenehme und spannungsgeladene Atmosphäre. Meines Erachtens gibt es nur einen wirklichen Streitpunkt: Durch die extreme Nonlinearität kommt es des öfteren vor, daß Ihr völlig planlos dasteht und nicht mehr weiterwißt. Saga Frontier ist daher wohl nur etwas für Hardcore-Rollenspieler.
PlayStationIGN (Mar 26, 1998)
Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, LiveALive, Secret of Mana -- no question, Square knows how to make RPGs. However, the only bruised apple in Square's current collection of role-playing games would have to be SaGa Frontier.
PlayStationGameSpot (Apr 27, 1998)
All in all, SaGa Frontier is a solid, if not exactly stellar, RPG that'll certainly keep you busy for a while - or at least until you tire of its occasional lack of focus. With more-engrossing role-playing titles like Breath of Fire III on the way, however, you can certainly live without this latest from Square, or at least keep it and its seven quests as standby mini-RPGs between the major releases.
PlayStationGame Players (Jun, 1998)
With seven characters to choose from, each possessing their own specific storylines and abilities, the promise of multiple series of long and involving games beckons from the starting screen. The graphics also seem rather impressive upon first glance as well; colorful, prerendered backgrounds with old-school, sprite characters give off the impression of a glossy, updated 16-bit RPG. The complex magic and battle systems also would appear to keep the game-play solid and the combat highly involving. But all these factors can't mask the fact that SaGa Frontier is a rather empty experience. The graphics almost seem to mirror the way the game unfolds: pretty for the first few moments, impractical for the remainder.
PlayStationPSM (Jun, 1998)
On the surface, the game seems to contain plenty of cool features, like seven completely different quests to complete, gorgeous pre-rendered backgrounds, and an orchestral soundtrack. All of these factors add up to a title with a lot of potential, but unfortunately SaGa Frontier is unable to use its strengths enough to mask several primary flaws. You may find enough in SaGa Frontier to keep you going. However, it may be tough for even the most die-hard Square fan to see the game through.