Scrubby Dubby Saga Screenshots

User Screenshots

Android version

Title screen (Dutch version)
Social connections are rewarded (Dutch version).
A simple board with four types of soap to collect (Dutch version).
Level complete (Dutch version)
New pieces appear to fill the empty spots (Dutch version).
In-app purchases for gold (Dutch version)
These bottles are explosive. The white line in the middle shows it will clear a column (Dutch version).
Multiple bottles: get them together to create a special one (Dutch version).
Challenges (Dutch version)
A reward for a completed challenge (Dutch version)
Make matches next to the bricks to remove them (Dutch version).
This board has locked up animals (Dutch version).
Protected pieces prevent an entire row or column from being moved (Dutch version).
Level progress (Dutch version)
Make matches on tiles with foam to remove it (Dutch version).
Not much movement is possible here, go for a big chain (Dutch version).
First get rid of those screws (Dutch version).
Playing with a portrait orientation (Dutch version).

Browser version

Title screen / Loading screen
The interactive tutorial (Dutch version)
A simple board (Dutch version)
Multiple explosive items are activated (Dutch version).
First level completed. On the right are online leaderboards (Dutch version).
Send lives to friends (Dutch version).
This level requires a certain amount of red and green pieces with 12 moves remaining (Dutch version).
Introduction to the third level (Dutch version)
An explosive piece appears (Dutch version).
This coloured piece is created by combining two regular explosive pieces (Dutch version).
The game commends you for large combos (Dutch version).
Soap Star! means the remaining moves are converted into chain reactions (Dutch version).
Level progress