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Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar Screenshots (SEGA Master System)

User Screenshots

SEGA Master System version

Orc Lightly Wounded
Title Screen
Main menu
Story 1
Story 2
Character generator
You start the game in different places depending on the answers you gave during character generation. This looks like Moonglow...
Sage Deli? Sounds like a nice place to stop by...
You don't have to type your answers: the common conversation topics are already available as a menu
The dangerously looking wizard attacks from the seaside
The enemy leaves a treasure chest behind
You are resting
You are trying to cross a bridge, but a troll stops you
Chatting with Lord British in his castle
You wouldn't want to end up in prison, would you? So be a nice Avatar!
The Seer will tell you how close you are to your Avatarhood. He is surrounded by sleep fields for some reason. Maybe he enjoys seeing people sleeping, I don't know
Chatting with Chuckie the jester. New conversation topics might appear in the menu
Outside of Lord British's castle
Mixing reagents to prepare the Cure spell
Your progress is slowed by those yellow fields
Battle screen is never the same, it always reflects the terrain you were walking on