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SEGA Saturn version

Title screen
Memories, memories... the sweet childhood...
...and the sweet time when you suddenly begin to notice the girls around you in a... err... special way :)
Map of Japan. Travel to the twelve cities!..
You can travel by different types of train
Yokohama. The city where Boris Akunin's "Diamond Chariot" is set in. Great book, seriously
Nice photos. Lots and lots of locations here, each town has 5-6 of them
Your order, sir?..
You can also travel by bus; it will take longer...
...or by boat. Romantic! :)
She looks tough!.. :)
Your schedule
Viewing the pictures of the girls
The obligatory "intellectual girl"... she is everywhere, guys
Nice temple!..
Sapporo. North of Japan
Just a regular street.. buses...
Oh no! You have to rescue her!!..
Girls, animals, and other creatures :)
Busy marketplace
The characteristic "bumping" into a girl
This waitress is really cute
A woman cooks for you. Enjoy the life, dude
Tourist attraction in the south of Japan
I already like this girl's character!..
The old Kyoto. Cool place!
Oh wow, I didn't expect that... why so aggressive? :)
It was night, I was tired, wanted to go back...
...and then got a date at the last moment! That's life!..