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Shipwreckers! Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen
Main menu
Multiplayer mode
Discharging the electric weapon.
Igniting the flame-thrower.
Round over
Firing the normal cannon.
Shooting with all cannons.
Start menu
Loading screen
Game start
Cannon tower
Blowing up the tower.
Sea battle
Defense towers
Taking over the port.
Rotating blades
Three ships
Fire obstacle
Rotating flame-throwers
Ship on fire
Lots of casualties
Secret entrance
Extra life
Statistics and password
Opening the gates with the rocket.
Explosive fishes
Switch with a time limit
Speed power-up
The temporary steam engine makes the ship go faster.
Flame-thrower enemy ship
Deploying burning oil slicks.
Birds dropping bombs.

Windows version

A town to pillage.
Arctic Sea
Enemy Ship
Destroy the town's defenses
The Industrialized Area
Collect Treasure
Avoid fire at all costs!