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Sid Meier's Civilization II Scenarios: Conflicts in Civilization Credits

54 people (45 developers, 9 thanks)


ProducerKerry Wilkinson
DesignMick Uhl
Art DirectorMichael Haire
Graphics / ArtworkMichael E. Bazzell, Barbara Miller, Stacey Clark, Barbara Jeznach
ProgrammingKerry Wilkinson
MusicRoland J. Rizzo
SoundMark Cromer, Mark Reis, Roland J. Rizzo
MultimediaMichael Ely
Quality AssuranceRobert E. Abe, Chris Bowling, Brad Christman, Guy LaMarr, Dan McJilton, Joseph Morel, Robin Pole, David Possidente, Jun Yun
Additional TestingKathy Abe, James Crawley, David Ellis, Don Emmel, Brandon Martin, Steven Purdie, Rick Saffery
DocumentationJohn Possidente
Technical SupportTim Goodlett
Marketing ServicesKathryn Lynch
Graphic ServicesJerome Paterno, Rick Rasay, Reiko Yamamoto
Customer Support and TestingCalvin Rien, Gabriel Turk, Michael Wedderburn
Public RelationsHolly Hartz, Kathy Sanguinetti
Special Thanks toKen Allen, Chris Deyo, Janet Dickerman, Anu Kirk, Derek Guillermo McLeish, Tom Nichols, Marisa Ong, Murray Taylor, Kip Welch
"Best of Net" Scenario DesignKevin Bromer, Jeppe Grue, Eric Hartzell, Antonio Leal, Tim McBride, Don Melsom, Michael Regan

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Credits for this game were contributed by Plokite_Wolf (54897)