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The Smurfs Travel the World Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy version

Title and copyright screen
Language selection
The magic crystal is broken.
Main menu
Gender selection
Starting in North Pole as Smurfette (female).
To get crystal pieces, you literally have to kick butt
Nice igloo
In Africa jumping on trees. The monkeys are surprised (male).
In Africa near a lion and his house (male).
Did you know smurfs could swim?
In the treetops of Africa: coconut-throwing monkeys
In Africa climbing a vine. The small bird wants to bite you (male).
Please lion king, don't eat me!
In the North Pole near a spruce (male)
The seal plays with snowballs (male).
After the completion a a level, you get a password
In Asia you have to avoid fireworks
Swimming under polar waters. Are you cold? (male)
Polar bear, ice cube, and hip-hop anywhere? (male)
Jumping near a Chinese gong in Asia (male)
In Asian waters
Flying on a kite in Asia (male).
Cougar's head behind you. Be careful in North America (male).
Flying on the eagle and avoiding the Indian's arrow in North America (male).
The squirrel is flying, while you are near a wigwam in North America (male).
The map shows your progress and current position. You are now in South America.
Enjoying the Anaconda's tail in South America (male).
Near a waterfall in South America (male)
On the stalactite in an South American cave (male)
Avoiding a boomerang in Australia (male).
The kangaroo is a boxer in Australia (male).
Australian fauna and Smurf (male)
At home at last
Final score

SEGA Master System version

Title screen
Select your language
Opening story
Main menu. Start in Africa or the North Pole.
Choose a Smurf or Smurfette
The world map
Starting location in Africa.
One of the enemies I need to defeat or avoid.
Starting location in the North Pole.
I lost all my lives. Game over.