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The Duel: Test Drive II Screenshots (SNES)

User Screenshots

SNES version

Title Screen
In Game
Game Over...
High Score tables
Options menu
Choosing your car
Choosing against whom to race
Choosing a scenario
Be careful not to hit this green car
Oops... Tress are surely a nuisance
Gas station ahead!
You'll get different messages depending on how well you drove
Post-race statistics
You can go off road, but you'll be automatically brought back to track after a couple of seconds
I hate motocycles!
This level has more traffic
A cow. How wonderful
No, I'm not that cruel!
Down a hill
This rain makes the level even harder than it already is
Nice city view
Main menu
WTF?! My F40 is stuck and I can't move it! I tried moving left and right and accelerating and, FAIL!!!
Lamborghini Diablo
Ferrari F40
Violation Ticket