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Top Gear Screenshots (SNES)

User Screenshots

SNES version

Title screen.
Title screen (Japanese version).
This is the main menu, when you manage various game settings.
There are 4 cars available, each one with different attributes.
Before the race, a brief information about the circuit is showed.
Driving in the dry and extensive desert of Las Vegas.
Starting a race.
Crossing the finish line in 1st position is all!
After each race, the best 10 times (and its respective points) are displayed in this screen.
Other race is close to start, but the location now is a nocturne New York.
You can use 3 boosts per race, then choose the best moment to activate it!
Competing in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (notice some plates in the track mentioning about the carnival).
If the fuel is low, do a pit stop and minimize the problem!
Of an extensive declivity, you can see its adversary very far...
In a great surpassing, the Purple Car takes Blue Car's leadership.
Running again in Brazil: now the current location for another head-to-head race is the Rain Forest.
The challenge now goes to Tokyo, Japan.
The Japanese city of Hiroshima has a nice sunrise and competitive races too.
Travelling for Germany, our racers will explore each curve of the circuit located in Black Forest.
In Stockholm, Sweden's capital, the ice is your "pal".
Don't worry: this "river" in Helsinki, Finland, not affects your speed!
Try escape of this colored plates: crashing into one of them, its speed will reduce drastically.
Bordeaux is famous by its wines: this explains the many vine arbors existing in the track.
Driving in Monaco (still in France), you'll find a "dark" and long tunnel: it's the coolest point of the track! ;-D
If the computer (or one of 2 players) goes to the pits, put a nitro to increase the distance between both!
When a high-speed crash occurs, the pilot will say something: a lot more of fun in the game.
To prevent the gasoline lack on race, use the PITS with caution!
Run over 400 km/h: with the red car and some boosts you can surpass this superb limit!
Competing in Loch Ness, Scotland (notice that some plates warn about a "terrible menace").
Stonehenge, England: now, some drivers are disputing the best (and decisive) race position.