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Sonic 3D Blast Screenshots

User Screenshots

Genesis version

selection screen
Starting the game
A monitor?
An enemy
Nice plants
This ring will let you teleport to the next level, but only after you have collected all the birdies
The Sonic faces in the lower right corner will change to birds as long as you are collecting them. Five birds is what you need at the current level
Nice waterfall
that, in the cannon, is Sonic..
..and away we go!
thats Knuckles, find him or Tails, and if you have enough rings, you get to try out the bonus stage..
bonus stage: collect rings, avoid spikes
a choas emerald!
Rusty Ruin Zone
Spring Stadium Zone
sharp mechanical claws.. thank goodness for the rings..
Diamond Dust Zone
Volcano Valley Zone
Gene Gadget Zone
Panic Puppet Zone - ring shower..
The Final Fight
PAL title screen

SEGA Saturn version

Title Screen
It's not a Sonic game without loops.
Map Screen
The waterfall doesn't look so good wiithout transparency.
Knuckles takes you to the Special Stage
The Special Stage is very similar to those found in Sonic 2.
First Stage Boss
The Rusty Ruin stage has creepy fog.

Wii version

Title Screen
Green grove zone act 1
Sonic with blue shield
Sonic with yellow shield
Special Stage zone

Windows version

Title screen
Sonic preparing to be propelled across the skies
Giving 50 rings to Knuckles opens the special stage
Special stage
The green emerald, easy as ever
Sonic sets free a flicky from his robotic cage
Shields protect Sonic, but it's still a shame to lose one over a poorly timed jump
Bringing all flickies at once give extra points
This bridge is protected by a mine
Tails also unlocks a Special Stage
Ending the first level
There's no time limit here, so it wasn't a close call
That medal requires four flickies to be obtained
An easy Badnik. All five of them usually are
The first boss
Marble Zone, Sonic 3D Version.
As he spins like a ballerina, Sonic can destroy pillars and free flickies just by touching them
Fire is easy to avoid, unless Sonic has a lot of flickies tailing
The most pointless trap ever?
The fire shield protects Sonic, as well as the flickies, from fire
Pause screen, showing off a map and other information
Second boss
I suppose this is the Spring Yard Zone...
Loops are no fun at all here
Your eyes are hurting? No surprise.

Official Screenshots

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  • Sonic 3D Blast Screenshot
  • Sonic 3D Blast Screenshot
  • Sonic 3D Blast Screenshot