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atari saboteur

Spellbinder Screenshots

User Screenshots

BBC Micro version

Title screen
Starting out at the castle entrance
Being threatened by a mask in the wall
Found some ingredients in a chest
This cyclops guard is likely the first enemy you'll come across
Interacting with a painting causes something to happen elsewhere in the castle
Clues can be found in various places
A forest hog at night
Showing current strength + inventory
A teleport
This is Zorn - you really shouldn't go visit him early in the game
Winged skull
These flying eyeballs are called watchers
Interacting with armour leads to something...
Using heal spell
Medieval hygiene: Finding fleas in a bed
I get the feeling someone is staring at me
Touching an altar
Found a storm spell
Being insta-killed for entering the wrong door is kinda harsh
I need a spell to cross this pool
Killed in action

Electron version

Loading screen
Title screen
Starting out
The talking mask in the wall
Finding ingredients in a chest
A winged skull
Being chased by a cyclop
A watcher gets a bit too close