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Windows version

Title Screen
...even on the cars.
wanna see more?
well, forget the face.
gooo !
and... you know...
replay mode.
...where you can apply filters. this one.
or this.
...or even this.
drivin' home with my brand-new Spyder MR2
another chick.
hmmm... east or west?
Mazda RX-7
FPP view
Before race
Light bound
FMV intro
The Dyno stand (for those who actually understand these graphs)
In this game cars get damaged and repair costs money. Sometimes you'll spend all your winnings on repairs
There are various points of interest around the game world. Drive over them to initiate a mission or something else
One of the girls offers a checkpoint challenge. If I win, she'll be waiting for me in the garage.
Sanctioned (legal) races are held on safe closed tracks.
The game is notorious for its sunshine effect - sometimes you can't even see where you're going. Unfortunately, the AI drivers don't seem to care about that
Miami is the place where daytime races are held
Arcade mode - there are tracks in 3 cities to choose from (well, only one city is detailed; two others are just a collection of several tracks)
Collision physics is very cardboard-like
Completing certain challenges in Arcade mode is rewarding: you get free cars to use in Street mode
Drive too fast and you may provoke the cops. If they catch you, you'll be fined
The stats screen has all the info you need
The map with points of interest
Each team has 3 series of races (with 3 races in each series). Participation requirements include money, car's horsepower and respect.
The canyon races are the hardest - narrow roads with little room for mistake
You'll need to earn respect by showing off. The most common way is drifting
Won the series and unlocked some goodies (most likely a new video clip and new races)
There are 18 girls to be found in the game
Each girl (except for one) has 3 video clips where they show the selling points of the game
Some girls are nice
A freeway on a sunset (sunrise? - you never know). Check the speed. I bet your car can't go that fast.
Racing on a police car (unlockable with a cheat code)
Pac-man vynil (unlockable with a cheat code)