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Star Defender III Screenshots

User Screenshots

Android version

Main menu
Mission screen
Starting out
Enemies exploding as they are hit
Power ups are dropped
Using missiles
I died
Game over

iPad version

Title and main menu
Your beginning stats and some info on an enemy
Loading screen
Starting level 1
Enemies on screen
Starting level 2 with a new enemy
Starting level 3 with more new enemies
Starting level 4
Starting level 5 and the enemies are getting big
By level 7, we're getting lots more enemies on screen.
I lost all my lives. Game over. The screen if full of enemies.

Windows version

Main menu.
This screen shows you the high scores and gives you a briefing on the next sector you'll be fighting in.
Quick tutorial before the game.
Here are all the weapons you can get.
The first mission takes place near planet Nirax in the Kenuriam system.
The turrets take position to attack.
These homing missiles are pretty handy.
Capturing that item will slow down the time.
This enemy is not a boss but it sure felt like it the first time I fought it.
The homing laser is probably the most impressive weapon in the game. It sends a steady beam to a number of enemies on-screen.
This chump lays down these really annoying mines that explode and block my shots.
When a boss enters the screen the game points out the places you need to shoot it.
My defenses are going down.
Took out one of it's arms but I blew up as well.
He's toast!
Mission end stats.
As you get further out it seems to get more organic. Especially here near Sibius.
This enemy's laser beam is possibly the best weapon they have against us.
Let's see them get through my mines!
I'm taking on the Sibius boss and I just got promoted to Junior.
My laser beam works pretty much the same as theirs. Really well.
This stage is set on this platform near Acon.
The Acon boss is going to eat a face full of Ball Lightning.
Things start to get more swarm-like in this Yellow Dwarf system.
A loose Ball Lightning is pretty useless.
Primary weapons maxed out!
The boss of this world is dispatched pretty easily.
The Lightning weapon rips through enemies like at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.
The Immortality power-up is quite a misnomer since it lasts only about 10 seconds, if that.
Promoted to Captain as I take on this frightening Mecha-Falkor.
As a Veteran I get closer to the Insectus near the now desolate New Earth.
The cluster missiles are the best way to fight everybody.
The infector weapon spreads from one enemy to the next causing them to soon explode.
Things get really busy outside of Cronos.
A well placed Nuke cleans things up a bit.
An impressive fireworks display outside of The Black Hole.
Part of being an Elite is getting to take on boss level enemies who hang out with normal enemies.
These annoying mines explode and send shrapnel everywhere.
I surely can't last too long against this kind of onslaught.
I've achieved the highest rank of Wizard.