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Atari Cyberweek

Supercross 3D Screenshots (Jaguar)

User Screenshots

Jaguar version

Title Screen
Practice Mode
Tournament Map
Pre-Race Setup
Big Jump
Whoa, tight turn!
I've fallen and I can't get up.
Main menu - Here you can load your saved game.
Options screen - You can turn on the replays, set up the difficulty and controls to your style.
Before you start any more, you can change the color of your rider, enter your name and nationality.
Practice map screen
Overview of the San Jose track
Pre-Race Setup menu - You can change how you want your bike to feel and ride.
Starting line
A monitor playing real-time video of you racing. Nice touch for an early 3D racing game.
By holding down on the controller, you can do wheelies and if you do it right, you can launch straight up and do tricks...
Not that it matters anyway...
Race mode - Position table
San Jose - The motorbike riders don't get too pixelated when they're close to the screen, which is also another nice touch
Be careful where you do your tricks...
Or you will regret it...
Doing a trick, while a rider gets wiped out. Oh yeah, eat dirt baby!
Finishing in 1st place
Results screen #1
Results screen #2
Overview of the Anaheim track
Tournament mode - Positionings
Starting the race on tournament mode. Get used to get jumbled at the start of each race...
"Wohoo! Hey, Look at me mom!"
"Whoa, big turn!"
"Get up dudes! You're gettin' wrecked!"
If you time it right, you can cross gaps by jumping on small hills, saving time in the process.
Tournament map
Overview of the San Diego track
"I've fallen and i can't get up! Help!"
Crossing a really big turn
Overview of the Dallas track
Crossing a technical turn and gettin' ready for small dirt waves.
Getting ready for a big jump along with other 2 riders.
Overview of the Houston track
"What a jumbled mess..."
"I believe i can fly!"
Overview of the Tampa track
"I really need to refine my skills more...or is my bike not helping me out here..."
Overview of the Daytona Beach track
"Always in a good mood to pull a trick!"
In some tracks, if you time it just right, you can launch up in the air to skip a good part of the lower dirt hills.
"This is really not my day, isn't it?"
Overview of the Orlando track
If you get too cocky by pressing B early, you won't start in time.