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Gamers' Temple, The (Mar 28, 2017)
Skylanders Imaginators on the Switch gives you full Skylanders fun on the go, but there's something missing to the experience when you simply scan each toy and then put it up on the shelf. It's great to be able to create your own Skylander, though, and to watch the character evolve as you discover new parts and gear on your adventures. Overall, it's a solid platformer-action/RPG lite hybrid that makes for a nice early addition to your Switch library.
Nintendojo (Jun 06, 2017)
I did feel that the Switch version of Imaginators isn’t quite as pretty as it is on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but the presentation here is top notch, regardless; my eyes were nearly constantly watering over some of the impeccable stage and character designs on display. Unfortunately, though Imaginators can be played in portable mode, it hasn’t been optimized as a mobile title. In short, the save points haven’t been reworked, and many of the levels run quite long, which ultimately isn’t all that conducive for successful completion during a quick bus ride. Despite this, the console can be put into sleep mode at any time, so the odds of the system dying before someone can get home or to a power source for a quick charge are pretty low. As it stands, this is the superior way to experience Imaginators on any platform, and it’s highly recommended that Switch owners give the title a whirl!
Skylanders Imaginators doesn’t push the franchise forward or make any significant strides but it remains perfectly suited for kids and it’s a rock-solid addition to the Nintendo Switch launch lineup of games. The games touch screen capabilities and digital library are unquestionably cool features yet at the same time I feel like they are both underused. So much more could have been done to take advantage of the consoles hardware. Nevertheless, with Skylanders Imaginators for the Switch you get a vibrant, deep, and customizable experience with an endless supply of things to do. It is not the most ambitious or fully realized Skylanders game but there is no question it will keep you kids busy for weeks, if not months on end.
Nintendo Insider (Nov 18, 2017)
Skylanders Imaginators delivers the most purposeful innovation to the wondrous toys-to-life series, but, beyond that, presents a gameplay experience that perhaps treads a little too closely to what has come before. That doesn’t mean that it is any less entertaining, but, somewhat ironically, the developers need to tap into their imagination to make the adventure more surprising to stand out.
Financial Post (Mar 07, 2017)
Cutting to the chase, Skylanders Imaginators on Switch offers the same creative, co-operative fun as on other platforms, minus a portal but with the added bonus of portability. It is, however, noticeably inferior to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One editions in its visual presentation. I’m kind of a sucker for a pretty game, so I’d rather play the PlayStation 4 edition. My daughter loves the idea of being able to play anywhere, so I think she might prefer the Switch edition. For those forced to choose, it’s going to wind up a matter of preference and priority. I suppose it’s just nice that, thanks to Switch, these options exist.
In a launch line-up as thin as the Nintendo Switch’s, every port counts, so it’s appreciated that Activision has spent the time to bring quite possibly the best 3D platformer series currently on the market to the new console on day 1. In fact, much like Super Bomberman R, the limited Switch lineup may make those who have glossed over the series before take a second look at Skylanders in a search for more titles to occupy their time when they’ve finished Zelda. Those who do won’t be disappointed — the Switch incarnation isn’t far off from the PS4/Xbox One versions and is the best way to play the game on the go. Moreover, the $59.99 price point is less than those versions of the game debuted at, making it a solid value considering you’re getting physical items alongside the game.
The Switch version had the potential to be the clear-cut definitive edition, but a few compromises were made along the way. It might not seem like much to someone who’s diving into the series for the first time, but the lack of vehicle and trap support feels like a missed opportunity. Still, as a hack and slash for the entire family, Skylanders Imaginators proves that the Skylanders series is still more than relevant.
Nintendo Life (Mar 09, 2017)
If you are looking for a family-friendly way to play Skylanders and Superchargers racing levels aren't a big draw, then the Nintendo Switch version is most definitely the best way to go. Its mobile experience, intelligent pre-scanning of characters and lack of extraneous plastic peripherals should make it the toys-to-life game of choice for parents and children alike.
79 (Mar 28, 2017)
Imaginators setzt auch auf der Switch seine Glanzpunkte und verzaubert mit einem genialen Editor, die bekannten Schwächen wurden aber leider nicht alle ad acta gelegt.
78 (Mar 03, 2017)
Visuell überzeugt Imaginators auch auf Switch mit stimmungsvollem Comic-Design, schicken Animationen und aufwändigen Effekten, bietet aber immer noch keine frei positionierbare Kamera. Schade ist allerdings, dass der Figurenfortschritt nicht wieder zurück auf die Skylander gespeichert werden kann, so dass diese beim nächsten Portalbesuch wieder ihren alten Status Quo haben. Noch bedauerlicher ist jedoch, dass Fallen gar nicht und Fahrzeuge nur in Form von Geschenken importiert werden können, so dass auch die unterhaltsamen Rennen wegrationalisiert wurden. Dennoch: Das fast komplette Spielerelebnis als mobile Unterhaltung ohne Portalzwang ist immer noch sehr reizvoll.
Digital Chumps (Mar 07, 2017)
Overall, Skylanders Imaginators on the Switch is a solid game and as good place to jump into the franchise as any if you haven’t to this point. That said, the only real advantage to the Switch version over say the PS4 or Xbox One version is the portability, but even that might not be that important to you. Additionally, the PS4 or Xbox One versions are cheaper than this release, and both of those offer a higher fidelity presentation. Still, if you’re looking for a fun, kid-to-adult friendly game, Skylanders is an excellent choice.
70 (Mar 14, 2017)
„Skylanders Imaginators“ bleibt auch auf Nintendo Switch ein spaßiges Abenteuer mit tollen neuen Ideen, die das Potential der Reihe auch nach vielen Jahren perfekt darstellen. Dabei wurden die Level so toll gestaltet, dass man sie auch gerne mehrfach durchspielt, um wirklich alle Gegenstände zu finden und Ausrüstung zu sammeln. Leider ist die Nintendo Switch-Version mit Abstand die schwächste, denn trotz der Möglichkeit, Skylanders zu registrieren und somit unterwegs spielen zu können, fehlen die Rennstrecken einfach zu sehr. Bedenkt man dann noch, dass weder Fahrzeuge noch Fallen ihren eigentlichen Zweck erfüllen, bleibt ein bitterer Beigeschmack zurück, der ein sehr gutes Spiel merklich schwächt.
Cubed3 (Mar 11, 2017)
For those wanting to scratch that 3D platform itch, and think that Super Mario Odyssey is too far off into the future, Skylanders Imaginators is the perfect remedy. Activision and Toys for Bob have once more delivered a highly entertaining adventure, filled with hidden goodies galore, and an amusing script, on top of an extremely solid platforming escapade. Newcomers may grow frustrated at the amount of content locked behind 'pay walls' ('toy' walls?) but the core story has enough meat to keep early Nintendo Switch adopters satiated; as for long-term fans with a large toy collection, this is superb.
GameSpot (Mar 02, 2017)
Skylanders Imaginators is being released as one of the Nintendo Switch's launch titles, and in terms of features and content it's similar to its other console platforms. What is different, though, is how you interact with the game's physical toys. The Switch version of Imaginators has no physical portal, and instead you'll use the Switch controllers' built-in NFC reader to scan in your toys/characters. The characters will then be added to your roster, and can be accessed at any point during the game without having to rescan them in. The advantage, of course, is that it plays to the mobile nature of the Switch, allowing you to take Imaginators on the road without having to lug all your Skylander toys with you. The downside is the loss of that important, tactile feel of swapping your toys as your mood takes you. It slightly lessens that connection you have with the physical, toy side of the franchise, but doesn't impact the overall quality of the game itself.
NintendoWorldReport (Mar 04, 2017)
All in all, Skylanders Imaginators is yet another well-made adventure filled with charming characters and amusing gameplay. The Switch version is hampered a little bit by the system’s portability and the loss of compatibility with some previous figures is a shame, but it’s still a fine way to play, especially if you long for the days of the Skylanders 3DS games. This is a good time, even if it doesn’t match the highs of past entries in the series.
70 (Mar 19, 2017)
En son essence, Skylanders Imaginators est un titre au gameplay simple mais divertissant, au contenu robuste et à l’humour efficace. Sa version Nintendo Switch quant à elle, peine à égaler ses consœurs sur le plan technique et se contente de réduire grandement sa prestation et sa résolution. Pour convaincre elle devait alors se trouver d’autres atouts et tirer parti des capacités uniques de la machine. Elle le fait hélas à moitié seulement, en nous proposant une portabilité exemplaire tout en n’exploitant pas des outils tels que le gyroscope, le capteur infrarouge, la vibration HD notamment dans le cadre de mini jeux. Dommage que les développeurs n’aient pas assez déployé le pouvoir de l’imagination : en résulte un portage sans catastrophe, mais aussi sans folie. Il reste un bel ajout au line-up pour les personnes vraiment séduites par son aspect nomade ; celles pour qui ce point importe peu, trouveront davantage leur compte sur les autres consoles de salon.
IGN (Mar 02, 2017)
On the whole, Skylanders Imaginators is one of the weaker games in the series. It does have a creative element that delighted my inner child with the ability to build and carry around my own crazy character going for it, and the world looks and sounds great. But I was let down by the level design and plot, and soured by the aggressive microtransaction prompts.
Vooks (Apr 16, 2017)
Skylanders Imaginators might do a serviceable job at scratching that platforming itch left by the absence of games like Super Mario Odyssey, but it just feels like yet another Skylanders game. While the Switch version brings more hardware appropriate features to the table, it still feels slightly inferior to other versions, especially as it’s missing content. Issues aside, Imaginators is bound to be a hit with younger audiences, but just be warned it’s a franchise that’s truly starting to stagnate.
Switch Player (Apr 25, 2017)
Skylanders Imaginators feels tired. A game that either needs a significant break or possible retirement, it's difficult to recommend to anyone but younger gamers - and parents would probably prefer to avoid it due to the additional character cost. There are plenty of other games more worthy of your cash, and if you desperately must have this game, buy it on another system where the starter pack will be cheaper.