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Super Air Zonk: Rockabilly-Paradise Screenshots (TurboGrafx CD)

User Screenshots

TurboGrafx CD version

Funny title screen, with Zonk and Sandrovitch throwing stuff at each other :)
Emperor of the universe is called SANDROVITCH?.. What next? Supreme lord of humanity COHEN?..
All Zonk's power ups are presented :)
Funny stage selection screen. Shoot at a stage with the cannon
Each stage begins with an electronic tableau
What, he is killing MUSICIANS? I don't want to play this game... :)
Lots of things are going on down there. Unfortunately, you don't have time to stop
Shooting pesky fish underwater
If you help these guys, you get a power up
Boss battle against a fat metallic dude
Nice weather!..
Oh no... Zonk is killed...
Beautiful continue screen...
Fighting an annoying wheel, powered up by little guys
I am a HELICOPTER now!..
The next boss is... a DUCK?..
Shiny, aren't they?..
Zonk is preparing a super-powerful attack
Battle in a cave against... an OVEN?..
Check out my new costume!..
Be careful of these rotating things
Boss battle against a wall that spits out smiling faces
The TV stage is hilarious. You see portraits of Sandrovitch...
...psychotic quiz shows... rooms with explosive presents...
...and little guys shooting at you, with fake houses as background
This new power up turns you into... a SINGER! You kill enemies with MUSIC! Now that's really something... :)
La-la-. la-la. la-la-la... I can do a mean Billy Holiday imitation