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Videokid Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Magician Land
Didn't I see that superhero from another game?
A ring is protecting Billy
Level completed
Almost out of energy
What? I just lost a life, and all you can say is "no sweat"?
Deadly column ahead
Flying through the clouds
The first boss. Doesn't look very mean to me
The wild west
Using a smart bomb
This looks like the environment from Joe and Mac
Reached the village
Yes, the Indians spend all day doing nothing but blow bubbles to kill their intruders with
Alien Planet
Darius, anyone?
Most of Billy's friends are in cryo status here in the lab
"Good God!" gasped Gerald, "I've never seen Space Invaders as huge as you."
The mob
Now we know what Billy's house looks like
Billy's father is not happy to see his own son, and decides to throw barrels at him
Zombie Blood Feud
The only character in the horror video who is not black-and-white
Game over

Atari ST version

Title screen
The starting location
Lots of enemies
Level complete
Score calculation
Lost one life
A mid level boss
End of level boss
Game over
Got a high score