WCW Nitro Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Main menu
Options screen
Mode selection
Wrestler selection
Ric Flair loading screen
Giant vs. Ric Flair
Help can be summoned with the select button.
Throwing the opponent.
Giant wins
Dean Malenko loading screen
Giant vs. Malenko
Hitting the floor.
Jumping from the ropes.
Landing on the opponent.
Randy Savage loading screen
Elbow fall
Pile driver
Macho cornered
Falling on top of the opponent.
Giant vs. Booker T.
Lifting the opponent.
Throwing Giant forwards.
Drop kick
Giant vs. Sting
More back-breaking action
Fighting outside the ring.
Arm twist
Giant vs. Hollywood Hogan
Giant vs. Scott Hall
Falling punch
Back drop
Giant vs. Lex Luger
Leg lock
Kicking the face.
Giant vs. Nash
Throwing Giant out of the ring.
Giant vs. Chris Benoit
Game over movie
Tag Team mode

Windows version

A big bodyslam
Pile driver
Victory is mine
Main menu
Selecting a wrestler
Selecting a tag team
Goldberg in action
A pile driver
A leg drop by Macho Man
Victory for Nash
The start of a Battle Royal
The battle royal continues
Lying down is very common among wrestlers
2 on 1 is not fair
3 on 1 is even worse
Goldberg jackhammers Hollywood Hogan
DiamondCutter on Lex Luger