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Nintendo Life (Feb 10, 2010)
The unique blend of platforming and shooting, not to mention two different perspectives, give Blaster Master: Overdrive everything fans of the original game could possibly want. Toss in some amazing gameplay tweaks and give the game a smoother difficulty curve and what you have is easily one of the best WiiWare games on the service and a fitting update to one of the all-time NES classics. If you can appreciate a truly unique and engaging retro gaming experience, not to mention what is one of the best games available on WiiWare, look no further because you've just found it.
1UP (Feb 10, 2010)
Still, even with these issues -- and some save points that are just a tad too far apart -- Blaster Master: Overdrive remains the most competent revisitation of the Blaster Master series. And while that isn't saying much, Overdrive can be considered a very important update in that it allows gamers with more modern tastes to experience the magic of the original, without most of the hassle that comes with going back to the 8-bit generation. Now that Sunsoft's back, we can only hope they do the same with some of their other outdated NES classics. "Fester's Quest: Overdrive," anyone?
Retro4Ever (Jan 11, 2013)
At $10, this is a pretty good value on WiiWare, where let’s be honest, quality games have been in short supply. If you loved the original Blaster Master, this one is a must-have. Newbies to the series are better served with the original release first. The remake is a good game for nostalgia, but I don’t see it having much to offer new players to the franchise.
IGN (Feb 16, 2010)
The fact that Blaster Master Overdrive plays so similarly to the original may tickle your nostalgia bone. But there is no reason we couldn't have had a few more save points to keep frustration levels down and a control scheme that won't give us cramps. With a little more effort this could have been another great new retro game for WiiWare, much like Konami's ReBirth series or Mega Man 9. Those gamers that are gluttons for punishment and don't mind dated mechanics will probably enjoy this return to simpler times. But for those of us that expect a game to be user-friendly, Overdrive is just too clunky and discouraging to get much mileage out of.
Thunderbolt Games (Mar 23, 2010)
Despite all of Blaster Master’s apparent missteps it is impossible to deny the quirky appeal the game has. A lot of this can be attributed to the bizarre but charming S.O.P.H.I.A. and to the tried and true Metroidvania formula. Unfortunately, all of Overdrive’s retro appeal is hidden deep beneath the surface – much like that pesky virus. If you feel up to the challenge of mundane bosses, feeling old and giving yourself hand cramps, then by all means, the Earth needs purging. I’ll stick to my games that are good on and off the surface.
The A.V. Club (Feb 22, 2010)
Overdrive’s presentation, like its play, is a mixed bag. SOPHIA is colorful and animates well, but the game’s enemies, a hodgepodge of Starship Troopers rejects and weird robots, are ugly and forgettable. Later environments thrive, but most of the game is unbearably drab; real caves are a lot more exciting than these barren hallways. Even the story, never the most essential feature of a two-dimensional action game, is lacking. Piloting a feminine tank to find your pet frog in a lost subterranean world was a lot more interesting than evil mutants stealing your technology. There’s an important lesson in Overdrive: Just because something was fun in the past doesn’t make it classic.
Gamer Limit (Feb 22, 2010)
Blaster Master Overdrive is not the stroll down memory lane I was hoping for. Its sluggish and awkward controls, mixed with an unyielding level of difficulty and some horrible music, make for a painful experience that most won’t be able to endure. Only the most hardcore should venture into these dangerous waters.
50 (Mar 06, 2010)
Being a fan of the original NES Blaster Master, I really wanted to like this new sequel but the game’s many crater-sized flaws hold it back from being a great follow up. Overdrive is a perfect example of the importance of updating classic gameplay techniques. Game design has evolved so much since the late 80’s and early 90’s that game aspects that were acceptable years ago might not work in today’s gaming age. You are better off spending half as many Nintendo Points and downloading the original for Virtual Console.
With the generally favorable response to the many great retro-style WiiWare games from folks like Konami and Capcom, it's no surprise to see other publishers jump on the bandwagon. Blaster Master: Overdrive, however, lacks the innovation of its forebear, substituting obtuse level design for a true challenge. Enemies patrol haphazardly about levels, and the save system is borderline broken. S.O.P.H.I.A. is about the only real saving grace in the game, but she simply cannot carry the show alone. If you're hot for some old-school action, there are better titles on the Wii Shop Channel to choose from, including the original Blaster Master for Virtual Console. This one, however, won't give you the fix you're looking for; it will only send your jones into overdrive.
GameTrailers (Feb 19, 2010)
Overdrive is easy to pick up and enjoy in the opening moments, but it quickly unravels soon after. Your vehicle handles sluggishly, the upgrades you find don't always function properly, and poor hit detection leads to cheap deaths. Additionally, the organizational layout of enemies and traps makes getting through most places unscathed a logistical nightmare. The game's punishing difficulty isn't the biggest put-off, though; rather, it's the lack of save points. You'll really have to dig in deep to earn every inch in this game, and having major progress wiped clean is simply too frustrating. There isn't enough fun here to warrant the aggravation.
Gamernode (Feb 12, 2010)
Blaster Master: Overdrive trys to achieve old-school exploration and shooting, but lacks the polish and attention to achieve it. It wisely goes back to the original formula that made the series beloved, but doesn't do it justice. If Sunsoft could revamp the controls, mix up the level design, and breath some life into Blaster Master's world, maybe we could see the game that Blaster Master always deserved. As of now though, Overdrive is not that game. (Mar 04, 2010)
Fans of the original game should check out this update. The game brings back everything that made the game fun, plus added a few new aspects to bring it up to date. However, the few and far between save points and cheap bosses can become annoying while going through the eight areas. The game’s good, but the controls and cheap deaths really keep this from being great.