WarioWare: Smooth Moves Screenshots (Wii)

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Wii version

Title screen
Hey you! It's not our fault if you break your TV!
Wario discovers the "Form Baton".
An animation plays before each mini-game. The garlic is your remaining lives, and the number is your score.
Use the Wii Remote to hook the man!
Nose picking in glorious 3D.
Shoot Wariozilla's belly to defeat him!
Boss time!
Wave the Wii Remote up and down to blow enemies away.
Wario seizes the Wii remote for himself.
As you progress, more locations in Diamond City appear.
A footballer is smitten with the cheerleading Mona.
When you encounter a new form for the first time, it is briefly explained.
Tilt the Wii Remote to your face slowly to drink!
Nose hair picking, hooray!
The cheerleaders display a new microgame.
Boss game - guide the men and women to the right toilets.
Squash those damned Pikmin!
Guide Link safely to land
Do the counting as the referee!
Watch out for that spark!
Cover the cow to make a delicious meal.
Trim the nails of this guy's massive hand.
Spray the flies!
Giant nose battle!
Once you've cleared a character, you can replay to earn cards like this.
You can select any of the microgames that you've already encountered.