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ADR1FT Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Training sim - get acquainted with the controls in zero gravity
Regaining consciousness (starting the game)
Dead of asphyxia
The station is torn apart
Flying through a series of hoops to the entrance
A view of the central module of Northstar IV station
O2 capsules can be found near the green boxes
The cabins of the crew members hold personal items
Accessing a computer with correspondence
You can scan the area to see points of interest around you
Entering HAN-IV Cerberum - a sort of central hub
Gaining access to another crew cabin
Spiritus module is damaged and offline. You'll need to find a cerebrum module core elsewhere.
Getting an O2 capsule
Drifting over solar panels
It's weird and sort of uncomfortable to see the shadow of your character in the middle of nowhere. What the game does well is immersion.
One of 25 collectible backup discs
They were trying to grow special plants here. Water drops are amazing.
A living tree looks really out of place in zero gravity
A deceased crew member
Approaching Spiritus mainframe
Suit repair (technically, it's upgrade)
A newly manufactured core for one of the modules
Nighttime Earth
Listening to an audio log
You can generally always see where you should go (or can go) by the amount of debris
Vocalis module
O2 station
Vocalis systems diagnosis
You'll travel to all parts of the destroyed station
The next main objective is visible when scanning the area
You need to get through the electricity
One of personal items found
Hardiman Aerospace logo
You can learn more about the crew from their personal belongings
Audio message
Biopsy organizer collected
This was really a huge station
Escape to Earth
Plain game title shown in the end.