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Armed & Delirious Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Mr. Rabbit has stolen your cook-book (cutscene)
Opening screen - Granny's kitchen
Bathroom with mad cow
George's secret room
Granny's villa (one of the main worlds)
Map of the worlds
Mr. Rabbit monitoring Granny
Roads (one of the main worlds)
Weird factory
Strange garden
Game to get a goblet
A man, a pig and a truck (one of the main worlds)
World with Pinball Park, upside-down world and weird corridor
Granny as pinball
Weird corridor
Interrogation room
Plant agents
Upside-down room
Split-level room
Hungarian cube villa
Karaoke hall
Black Hole and Satellite (one of the main worlds)
Forest with Bo, Chuck, a baby and kangaroo
S&M scene
Waste belt
Satellite sub-world
Fork & shopping cart contest (arcade episode)
Vacuum room
Rock, tree, wheel and sphere (one of the main worlds)
Farm and well
Giant and mushroom
Underground cavern
Pastoral scene with jumping green creature
Polluted area
Biking in the woods
Messing up with cosmonaut
Options screen
Resizable inventory
Close-up inventory item