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atari breakout

Bandits: Phoenix Rising Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The main menu.
Briefing before the mission.
You can also adjust weaponry before start.
In-game cutscenes are omissible.
Engaging into combat with another band.
Riding on the bridge.
One Pumpkin is dead. Prepare the rest, please.
Pause screen.
The scenery looks pretty good even in 2011.
Oops, I've died.
Mission objectives.
My first meeting with rockets-armed enemy.
What a bridge!
I'll try to get near enemy and shoot him from shotgun.
Pick-up with bullets. Always useful.
We'll participate in race for new weaponry.
It's impossible to win it without using nitro simultaneously.
Band on band, let's have some fun!
A new car! More weapon slots, armour and fun.
Escorting the convoy.
Those turrets might spoils much of the blood.
Stationary turret fun.
Now on heavy vehicle, fully armed and armored.