Biosys Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Intro sequence: the forest fire
Introduction screen
In the game you're introduced to a strange jungle.
SubTech Sensors are scattered throughout the four Biomes.
You should check the sensors at all times to see if the ecosystem is in balance. Note the blinking "High" in the water content level, this should be your first clue into the game.
You can travel along preset paths in the Biomes.
A compass! This will surely be of use.
The game offers some really beautiful and alien locations.
You can easily interact with the environment and change it for your needs. For instance, here you can shut down rain for the local area.
Drinkable water is easily attained unless you somehow manage to poison the source.
You should always scan whatever you might be eating to avoid getting sick.
You can check your condition to see if you've accidentally caught a sickness.
Micro-managing the temperature can help your character's condition, but can have devastating effect on the ecosystem.
The elevators lead you down to the maintenance level.
The basement holds more precise sensors for the environment.
There's also a main access computer in the maintenance level.
We just don't know the password for it... yet.
Better not blow an important fuse -- a spare could be really hard to find.
You can use the underground pod to travel between the four Biomes.
A fire extinguisher, pray that you don't have to use it.
The game takes micro-managing to a whole new level.
Underground air duct. You saw this in the flashbacks of the introduction video, maybe you should find a way in?
Back up on the surface, it's time to start getting things up and running.