Brawl Busters Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title and loading screen
Character customization
Practising some of the moves in the tutorial.
Overview of the in-game shop where different items can be bought for real money.
The Rocker class fights with a guitar.
I have a cardboard box over my head and need to flee from the zombies to recover my health.
Poison attack
The Firefighter can put up a temporary defensive barrier.
Overview of the training missions
Breaking through the barriers of some AI opponents.
Multiplayer lobby
My character dashes away from the Rocker's attack.
Red only needs one more point to win this game.
My character is stuck in jelly and needs to wait a few seconds until it disappears.
Meeting a team mate on the roof of a building.
Heavy close combat
Two Rockers appear from the left.
Everyone is interested in this kiosk as hitting it provides great bonuses.
Statistics screen for the different game modes