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Constantine Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The main menu
Keanu Reeves as Constantine from the intro
The exorcism from the film as seen in the game
Thus it begins. You have to find a puddle.
The game starts here after a short tutorial
Constantine hangs out in really shady bars
The journal offers concise info in a nice manner.
Go to Hell... check. Find Holy... WHAT?
Holy Sh...otgun! John just found a piece.
True Sight enables Constantine to see in the dark
One can find these bonus cards in hidden places
This arcane symbol means the health bar is increased.
This is the hellish version of L.A.
Patients turning into zombies 'Diary of the dead' style
Cars catch the disco fever!
Stormy night in a typical horror movie fashion
Poor man at the police station
On a highway to hell!
With a fiery sky and ashes flying everywhere, it's one of the most beautiful levels to behold
The temple of hell is actually a financial institution in an alternate reality and also the most frustrating level of the game
Haunted bowling alley is a unique concept
Time to face Balthazar at his Zynergy Registry
Time to face the crazed angel Gabriel as in the movie