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Dark Colony Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Introduction sequence
Main menu (US version)
The interface is quite fancy sci-fi looking, but it's hard to read too.
Mission briefing
Your typical RTS action
Harvest... err... Exploiter deployed.
Boot camp on Earth - Target practice for troopers.
In-game Encyclopedia with information about human and alien units.
An alien raiding party attacks the humans' oxygen processors.
Debriefing after a successful alien mission - I got a medal and didn't lose any troops.
Leading an alien squad into the mysterious ancient ruins of Mars.
Combat intensifies as the humans try to assault the alien hive. Their efforts are futile, though.
First strike
Gray's team
Fight against humans
Fast attack
My aliens have heavy injuries
Trooper stats
Teleporting soldiers into planet
One's dead - one to kill
Defend the base
Gray's overview