Darkest of Days Screenshots (Windows)

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Main Menu
Loading Screen
This water-thing is the teleporter in and out of missions.
We want to catch an enemy agent in this mission.
Upgrading my weapons.
One of the advantages of being from the future: a detailed map.
Mother - she's the one in charge.
Picking of some Germans to protect a Russian target.
Like being in a shooting gallery - on the wrong side.
Raging havoc in World War I with a futuristic and fully automatic shotgun.
With this rocket-launcher you don't really need to aim. Just shoot and wait for the fire raining from the sky.
Waiting for the indians to show themselves.
Trying to steal a zeppelin is fun.
Aiming with the Henry Rifle.
I can't shoot that guy. Luckily I've a few chasers at hand to take him out of the picture.
Following a bunch of Northern soldiers to the mission's next waypoint
Clearing the German defenses on the bridge
Using the AMP60 assault rifle made you a one man army those days
The player is also able to use vintage cannons to evade attack of the enemy masses
The only thing that this sniper rifle doesn't do is make you a cup of coffee
Entering a German concentration camp as a prisoner, how nice
Taking out the defences of the camp so we can escape easily
Ancient Pompeians have freaked out of the volcano eruption
Inside Ancient Pompei
Obviously Dr. Koell has something broken in his head