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Another studio that should make movies instead. Asinine (1006) 1.43 Stars1.43 Stars1.43 Stars1.43 Stars1.43 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.4
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.3
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.6
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.3
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.1
Overall User Score (33 votes) 3.3

Critic Reviews

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100 (Sep 26, 2011)
Dead Island is an RPG that is made of hours upon heaping hours of brutal and addicting gameplay. It manages to take some of the best ideas of gaming in the last console generation, and cram them into one powerhouse title. While it’s something of a disappointment that the game didn’t try to take itself more seriously, and live up to it’s own hype… it’s still not enough of a failure to overshadow everything else it gets right.
Gamers Daily News (Sep 12, 2011)
astounding. I have been playing close to 30 hours and I know I am not even close to half way through. I also know that when I beat it, I will just start with a different character and begin again.
GameSpy (Sep 11, 2011)
Ultimately, this isn't just a great zombie game. It's a great open-world game, a great action game, a great RPG, and a great co-operative multiplayer game. Being a masterpiece with a unique appreciation for zombies is just gravy.
88 (Oct 17, 2011)
Dead Island has plenty of reasons to be likeable: a satisfying duration, enough freedom and interactivity to create addiction and enough potential to become a classic. And although it isn’t what the elitists would call a mandatory title, I think it’s infectious enough for me to pull my friend's sleeve to buy the game too.
GameStar (Germany) (Sep 05, 2011)
Dead Island ist hinter seiner Action-Fassade ein erstaunlich umfangreiches und tiefes Spiel. Auch wenn man’s natürlich simpel angehen und sich auf die Hauptstory sowie die Einkaufswaffen von den Händlern beschränken kann. Wer sich allerdings daran macht, Zeugs für Selbstbau-Waffen zu sammeln und den Zombies auch mal mit Molotov-Cocktails und anderen Helferlein auf den Pelz rückt, erlebt eine gehörige spielerische Bandbreite, die über lange Zeit motiviert.
Softpedia (Oct 11, 2011)
Techland has been widely criticized for their previous release, Call of Juarez: The Cartel, but Dead Island should go some way towards rebuilding their reputation. They have managed to deliver a game that is entertaining and filled with suspense while also implementing some of the best melee combat I have experienced in a game since the first Batman game. That much talked about first trailer for Dead Island promised a lot more drama and emotion and that's largely missing but the exploration of the island the ever escalating challenge of the combat compensates the lack of emphasis on the story. Dead Island can feel repetitive and too long at times but everyone who has been enthralled by Walking Dead on AMC or is eagerly awaiting World War Z should spent some money and get themselves a zombie experience that can easily occupy 50 hours of their entertainment time.
Giant Bomb (Sep 12, 2011)
Technical blemishes aside, you might be surprised how well loot-driven open-world questing and a tropical zombie apocalypse go together.
I had a lot of fun playing Dead Island despite some of its flaws. There is no stupid timer to ruin your exploration like there is in Dead Rising, and the graphics here trump that game by a mile. Plus, the whole RPG "what would I really do here" angle is very compelling with Dead Island. There is a lot to see and do and strolling around trying to survive the zombie apocalypse is almost as much fun as completing actual quests. For those who love zombie killing games, and who really doesn't, this one is the cream of the crop.
Splitkick (Oct 27, 2011)
Techland teased the world with their now famous trailer for Dead Island. Unfortunately, the end result never delivered the potential that the teaser hinted at. This disappointed many, including myself. Despite this, Dead Island is an ambitious project that provides a lot of what zombie fans like me were yearning for, albeit not delivered as smoothly as one would hope. There is an enormous amount of fun to be had in exploring and dispatching the undead without being forced through a contrived story, and therein lies the draw for many. I am definitely looking forward to the next chapter, and you should be too.
80 (Sep 09, 2011)
Reprenant des idées à Dead Rising, Left for Dead ou bien encore Resident Evil, Dead Island se présentait de lui-même comme un melting-pot auréolé d'une ambiance bien kitchoune héritière de multiples films de séries B. Eh bien, c'est tout à fait ça même si ceci constitue indéniablement autant de points positifs. Ainsi, grâce à son atmosphère délectable, son système de jeu bien pensé et la possibilité d'y jouer en multi., le titre de Techland aura tôt fait de vous hypnotiser. Du moment que ça ne débouche pas sur une morsure, on aurait donc tort de s'en priver.
Gamereactor (Norway) (Sep 05, 2011)
Er du hypp på noe litt utenom det vanlige, eller bare har lyst til å slå inn skallen på femten hundre hjernedøde monstre, kan jeg med hånden på hjertet anbefale Dead Island. En kunne selvfølgelig klage på litt lite variasjon, men der det mangler variasjon gjør det seg godt igjen med å gi deg en dose god gammeldags moro. Det er også et av de mest voldeligste spillene jeg har spilt på en stund, så hvis du er som meg og blir litt uvel av blod, da er det bare å ha bøtta klar.
Gamereactor (Denmark) (Sep 05, 2011)
Dead Island er et rigtig solidt udspil. Indholdsmængden er også helt i top, og vil man klare alle sidemissioner, kan man snildt hive mere end 20 timers spilletid ud af det. Som sagt er de første par timer ret ensformige, på grænsen til det kedelige, men når først det rigtig er kommet i gang, er det svært at lægge fra sig. Takket være sin blanding af genrer fremstår det som alt andet end bare endnu et zombiespil i en endeløs række, og den glimrende co-op er bare flødeskum på toppen af kagen. Dead Island er et spil, du roligt kan smide dine penge efter.
CPU Gamer (Sep 28, 2011)
Dead Island is absolutely a fun and very playable game and worth the money, even if it lacks the incredible detail and more serious challenge of Dead Rising 2. Dead Island may lack new ideas, but it makes up for it with simple playability, and often that’s all anyone wants in a game.
IGN (Sep 07, 2011)
Dead Island probably won't win any game of the year awards. It's got visual bugs, the controls take a bit to feel normal, and the presentation in general isn't up to snuff. But the game gets a lot right. There is a huge world to explore, thousands of zombies to kill, and tons of side quests to take. Here on the other side of a 25-hour playthrough -- where I skipped a lot of side quests after Act 1 -- I'm anxious to get back into Dead Island, and despite the game's flaws, that's not something I say often.
Games Finder (May 23, 2014)
Dead Island offers good insight into what the true outcomes of zombie apocalypse would be and the world you’ll explore is very impressive although combat ends up getting a bit dull by the end.
Jeux Vidéo Network (Sep 05, 2011)
Ouf, le jeu de Techland n’est pas un jeu de zombies de plus. Puisant ses idées ici ou là, Dead Island apparaît comme un titre immersif à la lisière de différents types de jeux entre le survival, le FPS, le RPG et le jeu à monde ouvert. Et si on aurait pu penser que le jeu s’écroulerait sous le poids de son ambition, il s’en sort avec les honneurs, aussi bien sur la forme que sur le fond.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Sep 28, 2011)
Het splatterfest in hell's paradise mag dan een leeggezogen spelgenre deels reanimeren, door zijn rottende fundering en ongeloofwaardige plot neigt het eerder naar een gefaalde B-film met cultallures.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Sep 05, 2011)
I slutändan har jag ändå väldigt roligt med Dead Island, en trave brister till trots. Att gå in i en mörk och blodstänkt bungalow med halmtak, endast upplyst av en flimrande TV med havet skvalpande i bakgrunden medan man hör väsande andetag i närheten är en härlig känsla. Techland har gjort ett gott arbete med det grafiska och man kan nästan känna den ingrodda stanken av både zombies och charter genom skärmen. Skrämseleffekterna låter heller inte skämmas för sig liksom det massiva innehållet av saker att göra och utforska. Kort sagt är odött patrask som vanligt det bästa resesällskap man som gamer kan önska sig.
GameSpot (Sep 06, 2011)
As a sandbox action role-playing game based on killing zombies with friends, Dead Island is a proposition rich with possibilities, and it exploits a good deal of them, if imperfectly. There's easily 20 hours of content in a single playthrough--much more if you're exploring the Polynesian paradise sandbox and messing around with trucks as much as you should be. If you don't step off the boat expecting a taut horror experience, a masterful gun game, or compelling characters, you'll have a bloody good time.
ActionTrip (Sep 15, 2011)
Dead Island's saving grace is its open-world approach, cool custom weapons and fun coop. Nonetheless, Techland created a perfect foundation for a cool, RPG-flavored survival horror game, but forgot to polish it, in addition to providing a dull narrative. You'll probably keep coming back to the game for its online coop and generally rewarding gameplay that hurls you into a world of quests and hidden items. Other than that, this game is just an attempt to cash in on the old zombie-slicing routine. Quite frankly, so many other games deliver a far better experience and a less buggish one at that.
Legendra (Feb 17, 2012)
Dead Island a tout de la série B hollywoodienne boostée à la testostérone et peut être haï pour tout ce que cela implique comme mauvais contenu. Cependant il arrive à arrondir les angles en proposant au joueur une bonne ambiance, un contenu important et une liberté effective dans des environnements, certes inégaux, mais globalement réussis. En outre, on regrette malheureusement la pauvreté qualitative des quêtes et leur aspect ô combien rébarbatif. Reste un gameplay plutôt fun et diversifié qui l’est encore plus en multi. Une semi-réussite pour Techland.
Cheat Happens (Sep 16, 2011)
Dead Island is like no other zombie game you've played, and that's both a good thing and a terrible thing. At its best, it's a zombified take on Fallout, but at its worst - it's a dated and uninspired action title with little to offer in the end. Regardless, if you're a fan of zombies or action games, you should at least check out Dead Island, even if it is disappointing.
Thunderbolt Games (Oct 08, 2011)
Its scale is highly ambitious but Dead Island’s population of living dead aren’t enough to compensate for its barren lack of variety and an increasingly tedious structure. There’s fun to be had with its brutal, measured combat, but it’s not enough to carry Island through the grind of laborious quests and a non-existent narrative. Proceed this apocalypse with caution.
Ironhammers (Oct 01, 2011)
Experiencing Dead Island ultimately feels more like flipping through an artist’s sketchbook than playing a full-fledged game. The numbers of damage and experience flying off of the zombies as you fight strand out like scribbled notes and eraser marks in the margins. It is a beautiful and expansive universe, but it is one that is incomplete.
The graphics problems notwithstanding, I was having a good time with Dead Island. But I won’t return to the island of Banoi until all the bugs are squashed for good.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun (Sep 07, 2011)
For once here’s a game where I want to stick a score on the end of the review, just to make it clear that the 5s and 6s it’s been receiving are plain wrong. There’s enormous ambition here, and much of it is realised. It’s on a huge scale, extremely involved, and for all its illogical inconsistency it holds itself together well.