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Delaware St. John: Volume 1: The Curse of Midnight Manor Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main game screen
Story selection screen
Introduction: Delaware St. John is haunted by his nightmares.
Introduction: fortunately he meets Kelly Bradford to help him.
Title screen
One of the first tasks is to find out how to get some light as your flashlight is almost out of batteries.
Exploring the basement; I found some boots.
A cryptic note needed to power up the generator.
Inside the main hall, where ghosts explain what happened to them.
The lounge
The diary of one of the missing teenagers
Some clues are provided through visions.
Others are written on the wall by ghosts.
One of the manor's rooms
This maze puzzle with an endless hall can be quite frustrating.
An action sequence where the ghosts need to be dispelled.
A rare moment where Delaware St. John is seen from behind.
First story completed, now the second one is unlocked.
There use to be performances in the lounge.
A poster of Rupert's magic show
This little girl will help you in the second story.
The second floor in the mansion, only a few doors can be opened.
Rupert's desk
Tragic events revealed.
I thought the magic word was "please".
The ghostly appearance of Faye
The Hunter reveals itself.